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    hello i was bad car accedent on september 1 of last year, am still in hospital. an sowly recovering, it cracked my skull twisted my brain ,and tore it,caused at 3 maybe 4 stroke and my right side is palazed some of right has come back. it cracked 2 vertabras, also tore 5 riibs off the stermum, it tore the stermum off, broke 3 other ribs a puncuter both lungs, crack my pelvis in 3 places.
    i was at 4 way stop. and rear ended by young man going 90 to 100 mph, being chased by police.
    sorry my spellind off.
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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    Wow. OMG. You are lucky to be alive. I am glad you are on track for recovery. I can not imagine being in the hospital for 9 months.


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      So sad to hear that. May your recovery be swift and all your parts functioning normally again.


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        Oh my, I've been wondering what happened to you when you didn't check in for a while. I pray for a full recovery for you and so sorry to hear this. I will be thinking of you even more than I have been of late. I really was wondering what happened to you and worried maybe you came down with the virus and that had you in the hospital.
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          keep fighting for recovery! i was rear ended in 2014 by a drunk driver, i was sitting at a light and he hit me doing about 55-60 per the officer. i opted for going to the gym instead of taking pain pills. i found that my muscles didnt hurt as much if i exercised them. the gym also has a pool, and that helped alot after my workout. i still go to the gym but after 5 years my body doesnt feel so much the effects it once did. hang in there.
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            So sorry for your accident, and suffering! Last year I was in the hospital for months with illness. Seems like every day is the same when you are very sick, but the body is truly amazing. In my opinion, the emotional, and mental aspect is equally important. Please don't give up, don't expect too much , too soon even though you have been dealing with this a long time. I used to walk the hospital floor, look out the window and dream of being outside, it happened for me, and it will happen for you . please keep in touch. .


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              Barry, thanks for checking in and calling today. I too was worried about you. I'm amazed by what I'm reading. The call didn't sink in as much as seeing it written.
              For those that are new to the forum, Barry is the sharpest all around person on the forum. If anyone can recover it's Barry. He's probably teaching the Dr's a thing or 2 and I'm sure they've already figured that out. Barry is 1 of a kind just to survive that accident.

              Barry has helped all of us including the 1 hit wonders who visit the forum. I'm not sure exactly how to help, especially from a distance. But I know there are ways of helping him with bills.

              I'm going to try and set up a Go Fund Me Account.

              So for anyone who's ever been helped by BHD / Barry in the past or in the future, Please give back and lets all help the person who's the first to help us all.

              I will be setting up the account once I have all the information i need to get it properly established.

              In the mean time, for those that can during these difficult times, Please let's start setting something aside to help Barry out. He's got a long road to recovery and worrying about finances is the last thing he needs to worry about.


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                Thanks Rick, that's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about when I texted you yesterday.
                Barry, please know that all of us here who know you or you have helped in your life here on the Forum and I am sure in the real world somewhere in beautiful Colorado are thinking and praying for you and a full recovery.

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                Godspeed on a full recovery.


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                  This is shocking news of someone who I have come to greatly admire and respect for your expertise and helpfulness here on the forum. It is with much sadness to hear what you have been going through these several past months when your absence was noted by all of us. I am so sorry that you have suffered such a terrible accident and long recovery! I am happy to hear from you again on the forum and pray that you continue your progress of healing and working toward a full recovery!

                  Please know that you are in my prayers and may you and your family stay strong and quickly and fully recover!!!



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                    Prayers on the way Brother. Get well, Sully
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                      Get well


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                        Hope you continue to gain in your recovery. Please chime in on the forum from time to time, hopefully soon you'll be back a very regular basis.


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                          Truly shocked to hear this news. Hope you will continue to get better and progress with the recovery.