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  • Am amazing shoe!

    Let me preface this by saying I have no monetary interest in either company!

    I wear "working Persons steel toed socks" They are thick and comfortable.....
    I believe they are made in USA

    I just received a pair of "Indestructible Shoes" I have their Air-walk model [black].
    You can google the website.

    They are steel toed! [but not CSA approved I think]]
    They have a steel plate mid sole to protect you from nails.
    Anti slip sole and are very light weight!
    With discount they were around $62.00 on sale.

    I have bilateral foot drop and these shoes are amazing. light weight, allow
    you to wear thick socks with wiggle room.

    If you are searching for a new concept in a safety shoe look at this company.

    I have them on right now and I am surprised as to how comfortable they are.

    Cactus Man

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    OK here is a follow up regarding the Air-Walk shoes....
    They are about 1lb 5oz per shoe.
    I have worn them now for a day and 1/2 and no crunched toes or foot pain.
    They are flexible when you walk not stiff.
    My feet don't stink....verified by my dogs!

    They are very comfortable and I am glad I found these shoes.

    Oh..and for fun I dropped a wrench [1/2"] on my toes no damage I actually did not
    feel it ha ha ha.

    They are not waterproof but moisture resistance..I did get water on them without
    any incident..and being Kevlar...they are bullet proof but I'm not going to test it!

    A friend will be sending this shoe to his son who sadly lives in occupied Seattle,
    and these shoes will protect him from any needle sticks from the sidewalks....

    I did try to stick a needle in the sole and it never penetrated.

    Cactus Man


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      How about a link? Googling Air-Walk does not bring them up.


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      Well, here is another update.....
      I found "TICCON 06" shoes on amazon....
      About $46.00

      Oddly enough they look exactly like the "Indestructible Air Walk" shoe!
      The sole, the exterior and even the logo and tongue label are identical....
      The only difference I can see is the word " Indestructible" is printed on the inner shoe insert!

      I'm just saying this makes me wonder....

      I am still impressed with the shoe so I'm keeping them.

      Cactus Man


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        The shoes sound good I will check out their website.