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HD-1401 Vac with detailing kit

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  • HD-1401 Vac with detailing kit

    So I bought a HD-1401 vac with the detailing kit and a car nozzle with a built in led and it does not fit the detailing kit hose as its 1 7/8'' and the hose is 1 1/4" does rigid make a led nozzle that will fit the detailing kit hose or a adapter to make it work? Also does not seem the end of the detailing hose will separate allowing me to use a different adapter on the end of it. Also figure I can just bump it down to the size to fit the 1 7/8" nozzle. I would prefer to just get the right size nozzle for the hose but have come up empty on my searching so far, I know home depot sells a adapter kit and haven't tried that yet but figure I ask here for recommendations. Thanks in advance for any insight. I know I could just use the bigger hose for the led nozzle but I would need to switch back and forth between the two hoses as the car kit adapters fit the premium hose and not the standard shop vac hose.