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Windshield wiper blades

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  • Windshield wiper blades

    It is time to replace my windshield wiper blades.
    I just got up off the floor after seeing sticker shock, the prices of windshield
    wiper blades are ridiculous!

    You can buy from $7.00 to over $30.00 each!

    Today most of these are made in Chins, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Mexico.
    Brands are ANCO, Rain-X, Bosch, Trico etc....

    Beam style or beam-less style are offered......

    There are also some variations of the actual rubber blade from just rubber
    to silicon coated, silicon, Teflon coated etc......

    My question...

    Since many of you here drive a lot and in all sorts of weather,
    what brand do you use and why?

    I need a 16" blade and in Arizona I have to deal more with dry rot than snow.
    My last pair were made by ANCO and lasted about 1 year before the rubber simply
    I also heard ANCO and Trico are now the same company. I do not recall if ANCO
    bought Trico or visa versa.

    Cactus Man

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    I prefer Bosch Icon blades. We get the worst of all the seasons here in WI and the Bosch's have held up the best for me. In the past I've used Michelin, ANCO, Trico and others and the Bosch Icon have given me the best overall service. YRMV.
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      I also use Bosch, but the last time I had to buy Duralast was because someone stole my blades . After a few days, those blades just fell, so I had to buy a new pair again.
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        I live in SC and the sun eats them up, I imagine AZ is worse. I buy cheap and replace every year in the spring.


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          I used to buy the higher priced ones, Bosch ect.
          last few years I've been buying cheaper ones as I was replacing the Bosch ones every fall as well.
          My cars have to sit out so with all the seasons changes and tree sap I've found I can't justify the $25 blades over the $7 ones.