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  • Plumber Rick

    He hasn’t posted anything in over 6 months and his absence is a bit unusual. Anyone hear anything from him? Is he ok? I know the forum has gone a bit down hill over the last few years and maybe he just lost interest.

    who knows maybe he’s so busy wacking it he doesn’t have time for the forum anymore.

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    I messaged him in August. He was doing fine then. Not sure why his forum participation has dropped off - maybe got bored after all these years. But he said he was fine and busy with stuff.


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      Ridgid isn't sponsoring him any more? He got into it and burned from his pupil Ben (gear junkie)? Tired of all the BS?


      • Mark7
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        I always wondered what made Ben so upset that he took the time to delete every post. That must have taken hours.

      • blue_can
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        Not sure exactly but it was something to do with a drain cleaning tool that gear junkie developed I believe. I don't know much about drain cleaning so I did not pay close attention to the threads related to GJ leaving.

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      His profile says he was on here 11/14.


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        I saw him a few times signed in when I was since his last post .... Could it be that RIDGID has reneged on there agreement of 1 year of free milk shakes at the Shake Shack for testing out there K-5208 in the field ?

        Of course that's pure speculation and doubt any agreement ever existed , but hope he and his family are doing well.