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Catch basin spoils - where do they go?

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  • Catch basin spoils - where do they go?

    Hello. From time to time, I sub out parking lot storm catch basin cleaning. I generally try to avoid getting involved, but sometimes one of my existing customers insists I deal with a clogged/flooding one for them.

    Does anyone know where/how they dispose of the watery/sandy mess in their holding tanks?

    When i asked, they said “we dispose of it properly”. Lol

    i always assumed big outfits like the “rooters” of the world etc had their own little washout setups in their shops to deal with the storm water “non hazardous stuff”. And i guess they separate the gritty solids and that goes to landfill.

    I know when I have ordered a vac out for a sanitary pit, or oily interceptor, that’s a whole different ball game, with hazardous waste shipping manifests provided, and that goes to a government approved liquid hazardous waste facility. And costs thousands.

    Does anyone know about the storm water waste disposal?