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Do You Drag Your File ?

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  • Do You Drag Your File ?

    How do you use your files. Do you lift at the end of a stroke then set the file down on the work at the start of the next stroke. Or do you drag it back maintaining contact with the work.

    I've heard arguments both ways, with the lift technique supposedly being the proper method. I've also heard that back dragging let's you keep the file face aligned with the work yielding better results.

    What do you think?

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    I tend to lift after a forward stroke.

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      Lift after the stoke, pull back and repeat.
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        It depends, if it's a fine-toothed file and I'm filing plastic or metal it's a back and forth without loosing contact. If it's a heavier toothed file or rasp, I stroke, lift and pull back, and then repeat.