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  • Glue gun

    A long time ago TTI/Ridgid announced the arrival of an 18V glue gun.
    Of course this never happened.

    In the mean time RYOBI offers three battery operated glue guns.

    The top of the line is the model P307. this is a dual temperature 18V model.

    Anyone have one, uses one, willing to offer their opinion of it?

    Cactus Man

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    I have one of the Ryobi models, don't remember which one it is off hand but it's not a dual-temperature model.

    I like it but I have nothing else in a cordless model to compare it to. My previous (and still going strong) glue gun
    is an old Craftsman made by I have no idea but it's still working after 30 plus years.

    I have eyed some of those fancy models out now and have been tempted, but I don't use one enough to warrant
    the purchase. And the Ryobi works well enough for what I do. Takes about 4 or 5 minutes to come up to
    temperature but doesn't seem too hard on the batteries.

    They're cheap enough, I say give it a shot. I got tired of waiting for RIDGID too which is how I ended up with this
    one a couple years ago. I don't think anyone else had a glue gun out in the battery platforms I have anyway which
    is a lot of them.
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    • Bob D.
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      Just looked it up. Model P305 is the one I have.

    • cactusman
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      Thanks I am looking at the p307 the dual temperature model
      Of course none in AZ so I ordered it via the internet.
      Cactus Man
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    Today June 29, 2022 the Ryobi P307 glue gun arrived. I ordered it on line June 25th and free shipping.
    None were in any Home Depot stores locally!!!!
    I am very impressed with the tool.

    It was packaged well and came with 10 glue sticks, two additional glue tips and wrench.

    I am using a Ridgid to Ryobi battery adapter to eliminate going to a second battery system.
    You can find those on E-Bay for around $20.00 I purchased the orange colored model.... to keep a
    reminder of Ridgid orange ha ha ha !!!!! I plan to simply keep the adapter in the tool so I don't lose it.
    Also you should remove the battery when not using the glue gun.

    OK, I installed a glue stick, inserted the battery and in a few minutes the gun came up to temperature.
    the LED power indicator went from red to green
    The trigger is comfortable and even with a Ridgid 5AH 18V battery it was still well balanced and not too heavy.

    The glue dispensed evenly and smoothly. I then selected the hotter temperature and again, after a short time
    the indicator went from red to green telling me the gun is ready to go. At the hotter temperature
    the glue ran smoothly but faster and hotter.

    Right now I did not experience the usual "drip and string" after applying the glue as many other glue guns experience..
    The glue gun has a built in drip catcher! In the instructions it mentions if you do get a drip pull the glue stick back out
    slightly in you want to.

    This is my first RYOBI tool and will end my 17 loyal years with Ridgid tools. TTI and Ridgid do not seem interested
    in offering additional new tools besides radios, drills, and impact drivers. Home Depot also seems to orphan the Ridgid tool line.
    All over the local Home Depot store you have RYOBI products!!!

    My next RYOBI tool purchase when it is finally available will be their P361 narrow beam 18V stapler!
    This will replace the model will be worth the wait for the newer model.
    Likely you will fined the stapler within the air tool nailer section.

    Cactus Man
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      I actually had a real world need to use the P307 glue gun.

      Kona, our Dutch Shepherd dog, 92lbs,,, decided to freak out during a recent monsoon storm here in
      Arizona.. She hid in a corner under the dining room table and decided to pull up the carpet!

      I grabbed the glue gun when I found the damage she did.... I cleaned the area and glued the torn carpet pad and
      reinstalled the carpet to the carpet tack strip.
      I then added glue to the edge of the carpet and baseboard to ensure the carpet stays put!

      The glue gun worked perfectly no drips and no stringy goo and best yet, I did not burn my fingers while using
      the glue gun.

      The unit maintained proper heat the entire time. Keep in mind, I'm using Ridgid 18V 5AH batteries with
      a Ryobi adapter....the battery draw was minimal. I started with 3 LED bars and after 4 glue sticks
      I was still at 3 LED bars.

      Now when will the P361 stapler arrive at home Depot????????

      Cactus Man