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    Well Amazon Prime Days have come and gone. Both days I checked into Amazon for a look see and never saw anything that rocked my world. I never spent a dime either day so I was really surprised this morning when the sun came up as usual.
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    Well Dave, I guess you're not alone. I did get a couple of bucks off an audion extension cord but that was happenstance, because my current extension finally failed after four years of usage.

    I'm not one who chases sales events generally but I'm sure there tens of thousands who do. Same with the Christmas season, I won't stand in line for hours and go elbow to elbow to compete for a bargain. But that said, I have managed to save quite a bit on tools over the years, just being there at the right time and taking advantage of a clerance.



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      Nothing caught my eye either, no money spent so that was the biggest savings possible.
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        Didn't look nor felt impelled to participate in Prime Day. Maybe next time...


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          Well you guys missed out on a six pack of fruit of the loom pocket T shirts @ $ 8.00 ... Only $ 1.33 a shirt ... That's all Prime Day got from me .


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            that was a good deal

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          I just saved $275.00 !!!!
          I received the typical Wednesday sales flier in the mail Wednesday.
          I went through all the sales and coupons and cut many out....totaling about $275.00
          Then I tossed all of them in the trash! I am now ahead $275.00!

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            Same here, I was somewhat excited to see what I could buy at a decent discount but the day came and nothing really made me splurge so at the end was like "nah.... when the right item comes I'd be glad to even pay regular price". For a moment I thought "hmm maybe Amazon day didn't do as good as they anticipated, maybe because of the inflation and gas prices", but then I ready that on that day Amazon sold like 100K items per minutes and I was like "oh no they did just fine"


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              Originally posted by drainman scott View Post
              Well you guys missed out on a six pack of fruit of the loom pocket T shirts @ $ 8.00 ... Only $ 1.33 a shirt ... That's all Prime Day got from me .
              Dang it! That is an awesome deal!!


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                I have stuff in my cart and waited for the prime days. Several items dropped 10% and I grabbed them.

                Sure there are sites that track pricing, but my cart always has items in it waiting for the right opportunity to purchase.

                phoebe it is


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                  One of the best things to do is just get a amazon price tracking extension with chrome and you can have it notify when the items you want go on sale, I find that the best solution rather then hoping they are on sale during prime day.