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    Hi everyone this is my first post here, and sorry if this is not the right area or the answer is already been given. I have an old no40 tristand from the 40s that was my grandfathers, he probably had it new as he started his electric business in the 30s. Anyway I still use the vise/stand now and then, but recently I've been bothered by the two pegs sticking out from 2 legs and the adjustable clamp on the 3rd. I know the newer 40A has the tool tray, and I am wondering this this at one time have something similar? I can't see this being put on the stand for no reason.. the 40A the tool tray bolt thur holes that are drilled into the legs, so maybe this was an earlier detachable one??? I've looked at pictures feom at least 20 of these and all them are same, like everyone lost that part? Anyone know if it had a tray or what those oegs are for? Thanks in advance

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    You might try contacting RIDGID here:

    Every once in a while someone from ridgid with first hand knowledge on this old equipment will drop in here and comment on a question like yours. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how long it might be before that happens. The old No 40 vise is not much different than the current 40A I believe. I always preferred the tri-stand with the chain vise, but the yoke vise is better than the chain vise for some work. I'm glad they still make both.
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