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Plumbers Milkshake Ridgid style

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  • Plumbers Milkshake Ridgid style

    Thought I would bring back an oldie but goodie video I made 14 years ago for the Ridgid Roundup. Used several Ridgid tools close to $7500. Worth to make a milkshake on the rooftop of a building I worked overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

    Enjoy my 3 minute video, and yes, the video is real, the milkshake is real and I really did drink it after making it with a used k50 4 blade cutter. How else did it turn into a chocolate milkshake


    Click image for larger version

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    phoebe it is

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    You love your milkshakes Rick . Now 14 years later you can substitute the K-60 with your mini me whacker and give your milkshake more froth .


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      Definitely, a whacker would stirr up the shake in a couple seconds.. a heck of a lot lighter than dragging all the toys up on the roof..

      The cable was new, but not the cutter that I used to make the shake with.

      phoebe it is