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A kitchen faucet should it pull down or pull out?

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  • A kitchen faucet should it pull down or pull out?

    For our kitchen, we want a brand-new, modern faucet with an integrated spray head.

    However, I've found that some of these spray heads for faucets pull down while others lift out of the faucet body.

    Does one of these faucet types warrant preference over the other?​Thanks

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    Brent, very good question. I will give you the best answer based on years of servicing these new fad faucets.

    A standard non pull out swing spout faucet that was the norm prior to all of the newer pull out faucets didn't experience what i call a stiff swing arm. swing spouts on non pull out faucets are water lubricated and prevent dirt, soap, grit, powder cleansers out of the swing arm. a pull out faucet is just an arm that supports the pull out hose and spray head. therefore anything that falls into the swing arm doesn't get rinsed out and will eventually get stiffer to the point that the entire faucet base will loosen when you attempt to swing the spout.

    Therefore a PULL DOWN faucet is less apt to have the dirt, grit come back into the swing arm, than a PULL OUT faucet. it's just gravity. Of course you can go old school and have a normal swing spout faucet with a side mounted sprayer. That's what i have and never had an issue unlike the hundreds that i've had to service or ultimately replace due to the stiff swing arm.

    Now you know the answer.

    phoebe it is