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  • ridgid ratchet threader

    i have a ratchet threader die 12-r 1/2-2" and for as long as i know i have to take a file and file down the first thread . if i do not it may chew up the threads in side my fitting. any suggestions on what is causing the first thread to not get cut down. i do run the die so thread is past the die?? thanks i will not be around for a coupple days but will check in asap.

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    hawk, if it's doing it in all the sizes 1/2''- 2'', then i would look at the way you are cutting the pipe. i would think that a sawzall, chopsaw,portaband would do a clean cut. a 1 wheel pipe cutter will also do a clean true cut. but a 4 wheel pipe cutter is not designed for pipe fab work. the lack of rollers will cause the pipe to flare out and in.

    check back on the plumbing forum for a larger group of responces.



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      Like Rick asked is this on all sizes? How old is your set? When you ream your pipe do you end up with a slight flare?

      If you move this question up to the Plumbing Forums as Rick suggested then you will get much better response.
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