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  • Cars

    So, what kind of cars do you guys like? I like Muscles and pickups. My dad has a GMC Sierra.

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    Hi Andrew I like pickups with lader racks and big cube vans with a break set up inside to bend my trim with a heater in the winter!

    Bob B.

    Be safe out there folks.

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    Be safe out there folks
    Bob B


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      Hi Andrew and Bob,

      I've got an old 91' Plymoth van... two tons of cruise, lots of room to carry stuff in or just make a long trip in. Rides like the wind, 75 all day and 27 mpg. Bought it used for $5k, six years ago and today I've got 130,000 miles on it and it runs terrific.

      But, my really fun car is a 95' Miata. Bought it the same week as the van. It only had 24,000 miles on it and I got it for less than $10K. It was both "loaded" and in mint condition. Today it's got just over 30,000 miles and there's barely a scratch on it. It never goes out in the winter or bad weather. I do have to replace the rear plastic window though.

      I never cared much for "muscle" cars as I always preferred cars that cornered well and could rush through the curves. Miata's don't have big HP, but they have more than enough for their weight and they handle very well in the twisties.



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        hi fellas, kinda new here, but ive been following the threads for a while. I like the older muscle ars and the newer curve handlers. I own a 2000 Celica GTS that handles pretty good--pushing 200hp at about 2000 lbs. Also have a 74 corvette stingray with a 454 under the hood--that's the muscle car btw [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          That should be cars--not ars. I'm not a pirate! BTW--the vette is for sale.


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            I used to build street rods. Sold my last one and got into woodworking. My favorite ride now is my truck. 1986 Chevy S10 2.8 liter 6 banger. 5 speed floor shift with 200k miles on it. Runs and drives like an old small truck. Why is it my favorite. FREEBIE. Brother in law got tired of shifting gears in town driving so he went out and bought another truck almost exactly like this one with automatic trans. Called me up and just said "get this dam stick out of my drive" I've been running it for 1 1/2 years now with only oil changes. 32mpg in the city.
            info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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              For summer, I have the '58 MGA shown in my avatar. I drive it to British car events around Ohio, and occasionally farther, as well as back and forth to work fairly regularly.

              For times when I can't drive the MG, or when I have the need for speed [img]smile.gif[/img] I have a Subaru WRX that I've tuned to about 260 HP or so. I also use it for autocross, and any twisty backroads I can find. It is a real sleeper, because it is a plain looking black Impreza Wagon to anyone who doesn't know about the WRX, yet will turn high 13s in the 1/4 mile, and stick like glue on corners.

              Like CWS, we also have a minty low mileage Miata. Ours is a '91 with an automatic with only 39k on it when we bought it. It is the first year the auto was offered, and only the second year the car was sold in the US. No power anything, so it is lightweight and quite "tossable." My daughter bought it as her first car, and will be autocrossing with me.

              The family car is momma's Audi A6 2.8q. A mid-sized entry-level premium sedan that eats highway miles quite comfortably.

              Update: We've now added two scooters to the garage. Mine is a Vespa LX150, and wife bought a Honda Metropolitan. Too many tooys, and too long until retirement!

              You can see my toys at


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                Back in the late 80s i restored a 1953 TD Roadster. If i had it now we could cruise together Steve. Economics caused me to have to sell it in 93
                info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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                  Here in the suburbs of Detroit where I live,once a year we have whats called the WOODWARD DREAM CRUISE man, folks come from all over the cuntry with there hot rods and classics.You guys would love it thousnds of cars cruise all weekend on this classic 5 mile stretch of woodward Ave all the roads are blocked off so you so you cant cross over and thousands of people kick out there lawn chairs drink ther beers or sodas and have a good time watching!

                  Be safe out there folks.

                  Bob B.

                  [ 03-23-2005, 07:45 AM: Message edited by: bob bridgewater ]
                  Be safe out there folks
                  Bob B


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                    Hey Bob,

                    I've been to the dream cruise several times. It's quite fun [img]smile.gif[/img] .

                    "Semper Fi"
                    "A man who farts in church sits in own pew"


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                      My truck is an '03 "FORD" F-550 4x4 6.0L diesel dually. Custom made color matched contractor's cap on the bed and full extension tool storage drawers mounted in the bed. "That's where I keep my 'on-hand all the time' tools and carpenter's apron."

                      For the job-site I have an 8 1/2'w X 22'L tandem-axle trailer with a complete mini work shop set up inside.

                      The left side is set up with my 12" Ridgid miter saw with 10' extensions, Bench top drill press mounted in the front left corner, bench top jointer in the rear left corner, 13" surface planer on the right side, below storage for all drills, pneumatic nailers, hoses, routers, hand planes, hand saws, circ. saws, recip. saws, etc.

                      Above the miter saw is a bank of battery chargers, a cabinet with drill bits, nail/screw bins, clauking bins, misc. hand tool bins, etc.

                      On the right side, along the long wall, is the lumber storage rack with various sheet & board stock (mostly to carry what I need on the job.)

                      Stored above the lumber rack is my brake. Also mounted inside to the roof are my 3 WING ladders.

                      My TS2400 is mounted on a specially designed roll-around cart, for ease of use and loading and unloading from the trailer.

                      The inside of the trailer has 9 - 36" - 12v (110v transformer) double tube flourescent light fixtures (strategically placed for optimum lighting.)

                      Mounted on the front of the trailer is a Baldor DG6E 6kw, 3000watt diesel generator (I use this to power the trailer and tools when building log homes and no power is readily available.

                      On top of the trailer is a ladder rack which houses my 4 (WING) adjustable scaffold planks and my pump jacks.

                      There is also a 110v covered plug on the exterior for plugging into an exterior elactrical source.

                      "FORD RULES ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!" IMHO
                      Dimensional Carpentry & Custom Woodworking
                      Historic Renovations, Restoration, & Custom Log Homes

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                        well i have 2 that i will speak of here.1st is my old slow chevy a 1951 chevrolet 1/2 pickup, with all stock body work and paint inside has the stock dash and seat but now has a tilt wheel and costom door panels. under the hood is a 454 with a 5-71 blower and tiwn 425 cfm demon carbs. well maybe it isn't so slow after all but most people think it is all stock till i start it up hehe. the 2nd is really just my company advertizment. a 1973 ford f-250 this one have a 390 325 hp c6 auto dana 44 rear restored to 100%stock. i made a ladder rack that looks good on it i found an old homelite generater that looks to be around that time frame, an old porter cable model 315 circuler saw (late 60s early 70s)and a few other hand tools that look the era my company name is on the doors and tail gate. i am still looking for a wooden latter to put on the rack to complete the "look" i'm going after. though not the best looking truck in the world but it always turns heads
                        9/11/01, never forget.


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                          I have a 74 Challenger, factory rally edit. It has full instrumentation, inc. 60 second analog clock. buckets and console, and factory slapshift.It also has a twin air induction hood, and powering this sweet ride is a 1969 Hi Compression 340cu in.

                          Cheers. Walker1


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                            I have always had a truck of one kind or another but noyhing beets my 2000 dodge 2500 cummins diesil.
                            for a car I have always liked 'vettes but that new charge looks like a fun ride orange with an 01 on the sides of course.
                            Ignorance is bliss and the world is a happy place.


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                              I have a bunch of different cars trucks and motorcycles but I enjoy driving my Lincoln Blackwood as there were only 2,300 made and I get lots of looks and comments.

                              It's not much in the way of a truck but I have other trucks if I need a truck.

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