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    i didn't say breaks at HD. i put up a garage last year and used my buddies contractor discount at the locall lumber yard. it saved me more than 15%. i know that when i go into a local lumber yard, that i get the same service as everyone else in the room except i don't get there discount. i don't complain about that because i am paying for there service. all i say is that if you offer a service to one person, then you need to give it to everyone. that's saying we will deliver here but not there, how many diy people out there would carry there rafters home or carry shingles up to the roof while only certain people get them delivered. everyone is working to make a living and there dollar is worth the same as your dollar. if you have a complaint, it is with hd being under staffed at the lumber dept. and contractors desk and not being able to fullfill your needs. if they had more help there, everyone would be happy and get there way. hd wouldn't have a 28 million dollar executive if they had more staffing. he would only make 5 million, and who can live on that? your service is only as good as the person leading the company.
    do you complain at walmart or any other store when you have to stand in line or when you have to wait on an employee to show you something. i can see them making you wait, because you obviosly spend all of your money at hd.
    i do understand your frustration with having to wait or having wood cut, i am not trying to be a prick, although it probably sounds that way, i just feel that the average customer appreciates the service when they help cut a sheet of ply. have prosperous day.


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      pipe cutting and threading cost money

      a little off topic. i don't know of any store, or supply house that cuts and threads pipe for free. some charge a smaller fee for the pipe you buy there. others won't thread pipe bought from elsewhere.

      i agree, a person should pay for the cutting of boards. the typical sheet is 4' x 8'. you can buy a precut 1/2 sheet or 1/4 sheet. the price for these are much more in comparison than a full sheet, (per square foot). i would think that 95% or more of plywood sales don't require cutting at the store. why should everyone else have to absorb the cost of cutting.

      why is this you're paying for the service of cutting a full sheet. the store paid more, you pay more.

      same goes with threaded pipe. a 21' length (full length) cost less per foot than a pre cut 5' piece on the shelf. a typical electric threader found at most diy places is approx. $4000. then you have the wear factor on the dies, oil and labor to operate it.

      now for paint. my buddy who owns a local hardware store just purchased a color paint computer and mixer with shaker. the price of a can of paint is already figured into custom colors. this machine cost him $10,000 and will take some time to pay off. on the up side, his paint sales are on the way up.

      see the comparison

      phoebe it is


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        i better clarify before i give someone other than me a heart attack. i never said you shouldn't charge, but if you charge for one, charge for all. i only was thinking about those that don't have the saws. i just thought it was rediculous to ask for more service because you spend more money individually. that is my only issue. i don't mind paying for service.


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          Henry, you completely misunderstood

          I spend a lot at HD and Lowes. I don't want better or more service. Unfortunately I get less. I don't ask for lumber or pipe to be cut. I buy full sticks of trim. I buy lots of wire and receptacles. I just don't think I should be paying for the extra service provided to the non-pros who want everything cut, explained, and demonstrated.

          I don't buy lumber at HD because they can't provide the delivery I need.

          I don't by sheetrock at HD because they can't deliver with a boom truck through a second story window.

          I don't by roofing mtls at HD because they can't do rooftop delivery.

          They are certainly convenient (3 HD's and 2 Lowes within 4 miles of my house) and do many things well. Charging a buck a cut for lumber and pipe would make me feel better. Now I'm paying for someone elses service.

          Note that they do charge for cut wire. The full roll price is about half the cost per foot of the cut price. That's probably fair.


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            I would just like to point out two things.

            1. Those of you who are employees of HD need to get with your HR manager on training. The training for the saw is a video that takes about 15 minutes to complete.

            2. I understand how most people need to have lumber cut to get it home.( even here in Texas not everyone has a truck). But the panel saw in most stores is not where you want to have precision cuts made. These saws get bumped around every day by various things like lumber carts and maybe even the forklift. So the accuracy of cuts will not be perfect. For those of you guys who do alot of cutting on tablesaws at home you should know what I mean.
            I can rip plywood all day long. But if you want me to do a cut list for a peice of furniture it's going to take awhile and their may be some tolerance issues with the cuts.