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  • Josh - Yet another question

    I noticed that links to previous posts no longer work - they take you to a generic "we have moved" screen. I assume if those URLs are no longer valid, there is nothing that can be done? Also, the search parameters do not allow for the term ZCI (short for zero clearane insert). Too small a search word? Can that be changed? If so, do the other members think it should? How many short acronyms do we search by?

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    Josh, I tried a few searches also and I think this could use some tweaking also. I know that a search on 'ZCI' should have a number of hits and 'zero clearence insert' should turn up more than one hit.
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      I believe the search function is working properly... there is a restriction on how short of a word you can search on though. if you search for zero clearance you get a ton of threads. ZCI tells you that the word is too long too short or too many results.



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        Thanks for looking into it Josh. I wonder if there is a way (and if it would be worth the effort) to "exempt" certain acronyms from the minimum character parameter of the search function. For example, could you set the search up that the specific letters 'DC' is a valid search term even though other two letters words are not searched? I know that this could be opening a can of worms and potentially be a lot more work for you (but maybe you could let Bob D or BadgerDave help).