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    Just a thought, you all know how some of the ridgid tools resemble metabo tools !ther might be a chance in comming years that a ridgid might start to look light some milwaukee. they have the same owner. I know that owt only owns the ridgid woodworking line of tools and not ridgids bread and butter tools(pipethreading ,draincleaning). just a thought.

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    I think what you will find is that TTI (Tektronics International) will do it's bests to hold onto the brand names that it has acquired and the true value that each has come to be known for.

    TTI, of which One World Technologies is a subsidiary, now manufacturers under the Ryobi, Ridgid, Milwauki, and Homelite names (just to name a few). While most of its products are manufactured at various high-tech facilities in China, it also has some manufacturing and assembly here in the U.S. and elsewhere.

    Milwauki is TTI's newest acquistion and I'm under the impression that you will see that "Milwauki" will be a cherished name and that many innovations will continue as their "high-end" products are highly valued by many knowing consumers.

    But you'll also seen a lot of manufacturing innovations taking place throughout all of TTI's holdings. TTI is fairly young, having only started in the 80's. They are not a stupid company and their innovations, manufacturing expertice, and marketing skills have made them a major world player in both industry and consumer tools. Their acquistion of Milwaukii was just to have their name, but was also to acquire their technology and skills. Some changes will be made for sure, but they didn't become a global leader by scavenging.

    Just my opinion,



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      i think most of them resemble dewalt.

      Compare the 18v hammer drill to the dewalt style, compare the corded vsr drills and the impact drivers, When you look are ridgid and dewalt side by side you'll see what I mean.
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