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Will Pan Head Screws for Metal, Work on Wood?

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  • Will Pan Head Screws for Metal, Work on Wood?

    I am installing closet ventilated shelving. The mfr, Closetmaid calls for #12 x 2" pan head screws to secure the hardware to the wooden studs beneath the sheetrock. Home Depot was out & Lowe's had zinc scews w/ metal printed on the pkg. Will these work on wood?

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    As long as they have wood screw threads they are fine, you just can't use the threads designed for nuts (machine thread) to go into wood. You can also just use regular wood screws. The idea of using pan heads is that they provide a flat surface to secure the shelf bracket, the cone shape of the wood screw will work just fine. In some applications I have used a washer with a wood screw when the metal hole I am attaching is large enough that the cone head may pull through.