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    Seeing that I am an "old-timer" and not the most computer savvy person in the world, can someone explain to me just how I go about putting an icon in the message? I click on one and it goes up by the title--when I drag it to the spot where I want it, a web site address appears. Any and all help would be appreciated. TIA.


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    I stumbled upon a way to make them work. If there is an easier way it would be nice but try this. I am not very computer literate either so don't feel bad.

    When you have a place where you want to insert an icon scroll to the very bottom of the page. You will see a little box on the bottom left and the third phrase from the bottom says smilies are on with the word smilies in red letters. Click on this word and it will tell you what to type in order for a smilie to appear. For instance to make a smile face simply type a semi colon : followed followed by the right hand parenthesis ) and you will get this .
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      Or get one of the personal smilie programs like Emotipad.
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        Here's a few of the popular ones;

        = rolleyes
        = the std smiley
        = frown
        = tongue stuck out
        (.)(.) = vBulletin doesn't recognize this one, but I bet you can

        Back in the says before graphics were possible on the internet (remember the Internet pre-dates the WWW (World Wide Web) by something like 25 years); and even before that using teletype (RTTY), feelings were conveyed in text messages using punctuation characters to create simple one line facial expressions. Since they were trying to keep these short and quick they used only one line to create the face, which is how they came to be rotated 90 degrees. There is a list of about 200 different emoticons (smileys).

        The PLATO system which started at the University of of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus was probably the first place the they appeared in computer communications. A more evolved form, known as ASCII Art, has existed for many years before PLATO, and was used by Commercial and Ham Radio Operators on radio-teletype. They created some amazing and beautiful pieces of art using nothing but the roughly 128 characters in the available RTTY character set (see attachment .TXT file). Open the attachment in Notepad for best viewing.

        If you are referring to something other than emoticons in messages, such as graphics/small photos of products or other items, that is something different. Give me an example of a post that has an 'icon' like you woant to know how to include in your messages.
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          Thanks to all. I will try everything. Jim