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  • Why?

    Why do I have to re-log in and back-page to post a reply. Everytime I try to post something I get a message that I'm not logged in. After logging in and back-paging to my post, everything works fine.
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    It may be your computer but if you pause to read something long enough you get timed out or, you get logged off. It has happened to me as well. On other occasions i have open topic in other windows and i logged on to reply and when i closed that window the other's i had open didn't acknowledge I was logged on.
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      When you log in there is a little box that reads something to the effect of “remember me”, just check that and you never have to log in again. When they went to the new format I had to log in for the first time in years and I was clueless as to what my password was.



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        Thanks, I'll do that (after I write down my login info so that I can remember later when needed!!)
        Practicing at practical wood working