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  • Newbie Question about LSA

    Just joined the forum.

    I bought a cordless combo set at HD a month ago to replace my Ryobi cordless tools. I liked the Ryobi tools but the batteries didn't last very long. The Ridgid tools are quite a different animal from any tools I've used before. The level of performance has allowed me to change the way I do things. So I'm quite happy with the Ridgid tools.

    I just bought a finish nailer that was a display model at home depot so it didn't come in a box and I have no UPC code etc.

    I was wondering if there are any procedure to register for the LSA in this situation.

    Also the status of my cordless tools in my ebox hasn't changed. I mailed the upc code and reciept copy about 3 weeks ago.

    During registration there was something about product info tab which I don't seem to have.


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    Regarding the nailer that you bought "on display", I'm not sure how that is covered. I presume you got a much reduced price "deal" as encentive to buy that particular tool. About the best thing you can do is call Ridgid Customer Support and ask them about it.

    Generally, it takes several months for the LLSA to be processed. I sent in my first registration back in April and didn't get the E-Box update until sometime in August and the registration ID card, until early September, as I recall. I registered a couple of tools in early October and have yet to see the update or registration card. If not received by the end of this month, I'll have to give them a call and see where they stand. I'm now in the process of registering another couple of tools and probably won't see that update until May or so.

    Best thing to have is a really good amount of patience and fortitude. After a couple of months, give them a call and see where things are at. I presume they should at least tell us if they have the registration in the system. Above all, make sure that you keep copies of everything.... just in case they loose your stuff.

    I hope this helps,



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      I recieved 11 emails confirming that my warranty has been updated. There are 9 pieces in the cordless set then a warranty for the set itself and then 11 is the nailer. I guess I don't need to send anything in for the nailer then.

      I wasn't in any hurry but it's nice to know it's all set up.

      The LSA make good tools even better.

      Thanks for your help.