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    Originally posted by Bob D.
    "How about Magazine storage boxes?"

    Ya know that's not a bad idea. I remember seeing a short article in one of the woodworking mags about making storage boxes for magazines, I think they used 3/8" solid wood and not plywood, but I don't see why I could not make it work with the ply. I might have to give that a try. Thanks
    Yeah, like I didn't try to tell you that last week. Some people. shheesshhh!!$lg$
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      Hey Lorax, somehow I missed that in your post. Sorry!

      I just came beck to this thread today because I thought of another use, kids puzzles. I have a pattern for kids puzzle pieces that is 12x12", the pieces are larger than the normal puzzles, about 1.5" square, so they would be good for younger kids but not little tykes.

      Anyway, sorry about missing that suggestion in your earlier post Lorax.
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