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  • What is your Occupation?

    If you havent noticed yet I just added a new forum into Please tell me what you do for a living. I would like to make sure we have the proper forums set up to accomodate our forum memebers.



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    I am a pastor. I do wood working as a hobby when I have time.


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      Unix Webhosting SA

      Well, being as I am a Unix systems administrator with IBM contracted to a large credit card corporation. I don't think any forum related to my job would quite fit in here!

      But the more info made available here the more I am willing to contribute where I can and learn as much as I can!
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        i worked as a carpenter for some years and now i am head maintenace of a large retreat owned by wisconsin public servicel. i just completed building my own home.
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          Retired Army here. I do wood working as a hobbyand a way to relax. I do do some some side work every now and then though.
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            Retired from utility company, power plant performance testing.

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              Mostly Decorative Painting with the addition of woodworking...i.e. Trim and Molding, Cornices, wall frames installation as well as hobby for home. I'm in the middle now of severall things now.

     if anyone want's to see some of the work.

              You'd be surprised at the amount of wood working tools I'm all started with brushes and paint, though I still faux paint quite a bit of wood

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                Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                  I'm a semi-retired, technical illustrator and writer. 30 years working directly for one of the world's largest manufacturer's of air and gas compressors. Also a lot of freelance writing and illustration for a variety of other industries.

                  Long-time experience with a variety home-related stuff and have only recently been able to take the time to get into the woodworking hobby.



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                    Service tech for Demag cranes and hoists. Service trainer, Crane system designer, Crane buider. Control systems design and build, yes electrician.LOL
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                      i have bin doing hvac [ pipe fitting , duct work , boilers , chillers etc ] for the past 16yrs . before this i did plumbing for 7yrs .i try to do all my own home improvements when i have the time .and now chatting here. and train my bloodhounds for search and rescue ,and help local police
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                        C-130 Engine/Propeller Aerospace Propulsion Instructor(Engine Mechanic for short) for the Air Force and a woodworker by hobby.


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                          IT contractor. primarily desktop architechture and automated software deployment for large clients. Just getting into woodworking and hoping to learn to make high quality cabinets and furniture.


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                            Electrical Apprentice, Did one year residential work and then moved on to commercial. Currently working on Murray Hospital buildings A&B. I enjoy the work but want to drop kick my foreman's *!! across the building .

                            I want to start collecting woodworking tools so i can start to build furniture as a hobby. i have to do something beside electrical on the weekend.
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                              I do a little bit of everything in home improvement. Main trade I fit in is exterior finish carpentery. Do alot of aluminum and wood trim work.
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