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What are the issues around 15-SI tubing cutter?

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  • What are the issues around 15-SI tubing cutter?

    Hello Group,

    I'm a hard core DIY and don't mind buying high quality tools if they will be effective in the future. My question is: What are the issues around the Ridgid 15-SI tubing cutter? My first impression is that if it was designed for stainless steel (SS), it is probably rugged enough for all the other tubing materials. However, my experience has taught me that optimized tools often restrict their range of usability.
    My present plumbing job is changing the transmission cooling fittings on my old Ford pickup from 45 deg. couble flare to SAE 37 deg. in order to stop, once and for all, the mangling of cooling lines that occurs whenever the radiator is changed. (I'm just as guilty as the so-called professionals I've hired.) Although I'm using steel lines, it seems to be a good idea to spend a little extra for a tool that will cut any tubing I can afford to buy.Will this tool, optimized for SS, also cut softer metals without compromizing usability?

    Thanks for your help.

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    yes it will. you can also buy a replacement cutter wheel for the regular metals like copper and alum. the steel that you are cutting is fairly thin wall. so a regular wheel will do fine.

    phoebe it is


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      Thanks for the info Plumber Rick. Evidently my response on Monday was lost when the server went down.

      Shade Tree