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The air quality on the job!!!

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    Originally posted by Polar Sparky 1224
    I tracked it into the house once because someone spit it on the driveway when a dumpster is 12 feet away! Don't even get me going on lazy people!
    That's my whole point with gum. As soon as one (almost everone) is done with it, they simply spit it out - and they don't care where they are!
    Just one example - I stuck my foot in a boot to try on at a "fine" retail establishment and came out with gum on my sock! Heck, it was still warm! Absolutely disgusting!
    Yeah, don't get me started with lazy people.
    I leve near Mexico - a whole country where only about 15% of the population works, the rest are just LAZY!

    And speaking of air quality - how about those women (God knows we love them, though) that tank up on the smell'um's. You know the type, they've already left five minutes ago, and their "essense" is still floating around assaulting my nose!

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