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  • Springing hinges

    Hi , newbie here with a question for all of you pro carpenters. I recent removed a hall closet door to install laminate florring. No big deal right? When i re hung the door and try to close it the door wont close all the way and springs open . I cant seem to find anything wrong. The screws are all set flush with the holes in the hinge leafs.They are all tight . Any advice is appreciated thanks Anthony

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    AnthonyD: There cpuld be several reasons your door is "hinge bound". First, check to see if the door is hittng the stop (on the hinge side) when you close it. If it is, you will have to move the stop back to have a little space between the stop and the door. Check the head stop, also. Second, the hinges may be set too deep on either the door or the jamb or both. Watch carefully as you slowly close the door and see if the hinges move a little bit. If the do, loosen either the hinges on the door or the jamb and stick some shoe box cardboard in each hinge (between the hing and the jamb or door) Only put the cardboard in as far as the firs screw and then tighten the screws. If this solves it, trim off the excess cardboard with a utility knife. If it isn't either one of these, post back. HTH, Jim


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      Hinge bound

      Hi Jim thanks for the reply . Heres the deal I took the pins out of the hinges in Dec. Laid the floor down put the pins in and thats when it started. When I close the door it feels as if someone is pushing it from the other side. I checked the screws , the are flush and tight (one was lose on the door) It seems that the center of the door is real close to hte jamb. But when i hold it closed there is a nice even space. I am thinking the frame (since 1958) has warped a bit . I am going to try to trim it down and will let you know. Thanks for the reply I appreciate it ! Anthony


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        Sounds like you shifted the hinges slightly when you knocked out and in the pins. May just need to slightly loosen the hing screws and work the door back and forth to realign them with the door and jam.
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