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home impovment license in florida?

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  • home impovment license in florida?

    hey guys here is one i am having trouble with,in maryland there is a thing called a home improvement licecnse witch means that you could only do "old work" and touch nothing new.and now that i have moved here to florida there is no such thing,just a handy mans license(means you can basisly cut lawns)or a full genaral contractors license witch i do not quillafy for because i have never done concert,block,and steel work.i think this is bogus but that is the way it is here. i have built over 600 homes(new)and about 150 remodels and aprox 100 addtions so in florids eyes i am not quaifed to contiue to work on my own here?go figure.there has to be away around this and still be leagle while doing it,isn't there
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    chevy, you can't get a permit to do work in your own house

    here in california, you can get a homeowners permit under a few conditions.
    #1 the home is owned and occupied by you.
    #2 the home will be lived in by you for 2 years before you sell.

    don't know how much they actually enforce #2, but if push came to shove in a lawsuit, i guess you lose.

    good luck.


    ps. a buddy of mine got married a few months ago and relocated to wash. dc.

    they don't recognize his calif. electrical contractors license there.

    he comes back to calif. to work 1 week every month till he can get his lic. in d.c.
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      thanks plumber rick,but no i didnt mean on my own home.i want to start a new company down here doing repairs mostly,that seems to be a very big thing here and no one is doing it for what i would consider a fair price.they are getting 1200-1500 to repair a roof and dont even use a half a bundle of shingles,1700 for 30 foot of sofit it is just do both of the jobs i just spoke of i wouldn't have even charger but maybe 8-900 at the most.
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        One of the reasons that anything to do with roofing or roofs cost so much in FL is that everyone working them (even a one-man business) is required to have workers comp. The workers comp for roofers is equal to the wage ($1 to $1). This started about 2 years after hurricane Opal, and doubled the cost of any roof work.
        The locals that did "Fix-it" work usually had the home-owner pull the permits and hired themself out as "labor". As long as it didn't get into certified work (tieing into electric panels, tieing into roof joists (which requires an architect drawing), major roof/shingle replacement, etc) the local code enforcement didn't get involved (unless the homeowner complained).
        One problem with this is that a lot of people won't hire you without insurance and a license. However, most of the guys worth their wage did well by word of mouth after the quality of their work became known.
        After the hurricanes the last couple years, FL really started cracking down on unlicensed work because of so many out-of-state rip-off crews, and your area might really be strict. It might pay you to cultivate some friendships with some of the local contractors (find out where they drink beer ot throw darts,etc). After they get to know you, you may find it a lot easier to get through the licensing bureaucracy, especially if you work a couple months for them, etc. I'm not saying I agree with the system, but sometimes politics is as much of it as knowing how to do the work.

        Just for reference, last year the cost for re-shingling a 30-square roof was about $4500 in the panhandle.
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          in my part of pa the township I'm in you need a permit if you are changing something structural .i do not think you need a license to do the work ,you need to submit a drawing of the job and have it inspected.

          I'm not sure if you need a license to do electric work you just need it inspected . i chanced my panel about 8 yrs a go from a 60 amp to a 100 amp and had it pass with no problems from the inspector . i do not know if the rules changed now , I'd have to find out .

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