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  • Distributorship

    I am interested in having a distributorship of Ridgid Tools. However, I know absolutely nothing about it! (I am figuring that it is a good opportunity to work hard, build up a business and make good money.)

    Does anyone have information about the opportunity? Is there a good financial reward by owning a distributorship? Company support? Upfront expenses, etc?

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    well i think maybe you should get alot input on can and most likly will get in well over your head in a sounds like a good idea at frist till you realize you have only made 700 in sales in a month your building rent is 1200 a month then the light bill is 250 you have to replace what you did sell got an employee? what about insurece for thieft fire ect see what i mean? now if you have a hareware store now and you would like to expand the line then still i wish you good luck cause ridgid wood working tools are only sold at home depot as far as i know i hope this give you just some insight
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      So Gershon were'd you get the idea for that name? Exodus 2:22?

      Sounds like a good idea but, hope you have enough money and know how to make it through a rough start.
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        i think it's a great idea

        I am all for anyone that wants to take on the big orange box. I am sure you will get great pricing, terms, and first shot at the latest and greatest product.

        If your weren't trolling.....I would seriously think of taking in Fess or something of the likes that no one else has and where you could be the one that supplies the demand.

        best of luck