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  • annoying LSA experience

    OK, I bought a Ridgid drill back in December and registered it online. I then sent in my UPC from the box it came in, plus my original receipt. Weeks later, I've just received the UPC and receipt back, along with a letter from Ridgid saying I didn't include my serial number!!

    I thought that was the whole point of registering online with the eBox???? So that the serial number would be shown?

    Is there any quicker way of handling this other than re-mailing everything?


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    It appears that those who handle the paper registration do not cross-check against the online (E-Box) entries. I don't know why this is, but there does seem to be a problem in that regard.

    Whenever I have registered a tool, I provide my name and address, the serial number, model number, description of the tool and include the online registration number that was provided when I did my E-box registration. I send the original UPC from the box, but send only a copy of my receipt (never send the original reciept and be sure you make a good copy of it for yourself as they have been known to fade completely away in a matter of months).

    To date I have had no problems and the LSA seems to be taking only about four weeks to be processed.

    I hope this helps,



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      As an update....

      I posted a question about this issue via my eBox, and today I got a response that my warranty status has been updated to Lifetime Service Agreement status. I checked "My Stuff" to make sure, and it does show that.

      I guess my next question is: will I get something in the mail to document this? Isn't there supposed to be an LSA serial number or ID card of some sort, which I'm supposed to take with me to a service centre if I ever need the tool to be fixed under the LSA?

      Interesting times...on the one hand, I applaud Ridgid for quickly addressing this--they've been very responsive to my customer requests. On the other hand, it's infuriating when a company makes something that should be a simple, straightforward process as confusing and hard-to-understand as possible.
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        I actually received an ID Tag with the first tool I registered last spring, but haven't received anything on later tools. So, don't really know if I should still expect something or whether they've done away with that particular part of it (its been four months since that registration, with E-mail confirmation on 1/24/06). So, I suppose there is still a chance I could receive a registration tag on that.



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          ID Tag

          I went through the whole registration process both on-line and via the post, I guess I had included all the correct info, since I received a key fob type of ID tag a couple months later. My only suggestion would be to resend with the missing SNs.
          By the way, I had service done on my battery charger ( the cooling fan was shot) and it was covered by the LSA. This on a tool that was purchased prior to the "complicated" registration. I just took it in to HD along with a copy of my original receipt, and it was back in four days, repaired no charge.


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            One last update....

            Tom. C. replied to my support request and clarified the status of my items...he updated them online to have LSA status (without my having to send my materials back in), and confirmed that a tag will be mailed to my house.

            Again, I am impressed with Ridgid's online support response--this is the third time I've used it, and it has been quick and professional. Excellent stuff--and more than I expected.

            I still don't understand, though, why Ridgid has made the LSA acquisition and confirmation process so convoluted and confusing. I really hope it's not intentional, so as to prevent people from taking advantage of the LSA....sort of like how some companies on the one hand say, "Hey, look at our great rebate!" and then make you jump through hoops to actually cash in on it. I actually think it's more just a poorly-written and poorly-documented process, which in a way is even sadder...a preventable catastrophe is always more tragic than a normal catastrophe.


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              My experience with the LSA program has been totally hassle free and timely. After I messed up and initially sent my info to the wrong address the rep in customer service instructed me on what I had to do to correct my mistake. Basically, resubmit everything. I did that and in about two months I had my ID card back and all was good to go. I don't feel that 60 days is at all unreasonable considering the volume of registrations they must have to process.

              I believe it was Lorax or CWS who awhile back had a thread that detailed all the info they included with the cover letter when they submitted their registration. I pretty much followed the advice of that thread and provided Ridgid with probably more info than they needed. The end result though was that my registration went very smoothly and in my estimation very quickly as well.

              I don't believe that Ridgid is intentionally making it hard to register these tools but I do think they might be watching out for their own 6 by making the process a little complicated. If it were too easy, how many people do you think would fraudulently try to register a tool in the LSA program that they purchased from a broken apart kit on Ebay?

              Just as a sidebar, that first registration package that I sent to the wrong address.......... it seems that somehow it made it to the right department. So, in the mail a few weeks after I got my ID card comes another one with a different number. Seems that in one package I registered under the name Dave and the other under David and their computer didn't catch it. Not only did I have one hassle free registration into the LSA program I had two.
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                Applied for my LSA on a TS3650 in mid Jan and had e-mail confirmation and the change on teh web site in a little over two weeks. I thought that was all I needed. I have not received an ID card or tag for the saw. Do I need to contact them?
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                  I registered my new planer and jointer online through the E-box a few weeks ago and only got around to mailing in the copy and UPC on Saturday. I got an email today and verified that I am all registered now. Not bad, seems they have the process down to only a few days now. I am pretty satisfied with that!

                  If they are sending out some kind of ID card or tag and I need them to honor my LSA I hope I get them in the mail before I move!

                  Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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                    I finally received my ID card on 17 Mar (about 6 weeks after my LSA was posted). Good luck, and make sure to leave a forwarding address card with the P.O.!!
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                      I completely forgot.

                      I completely forgot that I had a Ridgid 18v.drill out for service.

                      Today I received a call from a very polite person, named Tim, in South Carolina. He explained to me, through his thick "southern" accent, that I would be receiving a remanufactured drill in two to three weeks. For a moment I was trying to figure out what he was talking about. Drill??????......what drill ???????????......, and then I remembered, on January 10, 2006 I took my drill to HD to have it fixed.

                      I figured that I would probably be out the use of the drill for about 2 weeks, 3max. I had taken in the recip saw about 5 months ago and they had it back in 8 weeks. I was hoping for a better turn around. LOL

                      I use the drill almost daily and was concerned that it would be longer than I could wait, so, I charged up all my DeWalt 18v. tools and stayed busy. Well, the DeWalt tools worked great like the Ridgid, but, the batteries just were not up to the continuous use and they would not last very long. I hear that the yellow topped batteries are better, but, I wasn't about to put anymore money into those tools. So, I went out and bought a combo pack of Panasonic tools. They are great for longevity and I like them a lot. I still like the Ridgid tools, but, the downtime is becoming a problem. The good thing about the Ridgid is the dual charger. I can keep up with the work load. Interestingly though, the Panasonic rarely needs charging. Batteries last a long time. The thing I don't like about the Pan is the saw blades have a bastard arbor size and you have to buy the Pan blades. I think I will machine the arbor spacer to fit the standard blades.

                      I am sorry, I was not trying to review or compare the tools. They are both decent sets that I enjoy using. I even enjoy the DeWalt set, but, I am not happy that they have not made available the new Li Ion batteries for the current 18v. line of tools. I think they will loose a lot of customers.

                      As far as their 36. Li Ion line, we will see. I am thinking that if they are heavy at all, one might just go and pull out the cords again. LOL

                      The best to all, -ED