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Roofing Nailer Manual?

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  • Roofing Nailer Manual?

    Ridgid seems to be advertising their new nailers on this forum and at their website proper, but I can't see a PDF (or any other form) of user's manual for them. I just purchased a roofing nailer via Ebay, and unfortunately there was no manual included. I'm not a complete dolt and could probably figure it out, but I've long sinced learned that reviewing the manual prior to operation can be easier on the tool- and my pocketbook. Any suggestions as to where one might find a copy of the manual? I haven't actuallly checked with HD, but my past experiences with their customer service leads me to believe they will not be very helpful.

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    Just find your model #


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      Got it!

      Thanks for the link, Tacman! I knew someone would know where to get it.


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        To read pdf files you need a pdf reader.


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          PDF reader not required if...

          you are running an Apple iMac with Safari browser!
          All you guys interested in fine tools should ditch your Windoze PC's and get Macs. I've had mine for four months and it ROCKS!
          I know this is a tool forum, but I'm now a convert and I'm spreading the Good Word!
          Besides, computers are tools, right?