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  • pipestand vs my drills

    as for my stand and threader...unreal quality

    wish i could say the same for my 3rd ridgid drill. How in the world is this even possible? The disconnect between those two departments and engineers must be unreal.

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    I donot think that ridgid has anything to do with the engineering of there cordless tool or there corded ex. there corded tools well some of them are metabo and even dewalt. there cordless are engineered from owt or tti same same.the only thing ridgid is the name and it is starting to take a hit. there sump pumps are wayne pumps.maybe there cordless line will incorporate some of the milwaukee design and not the you are the first i have heard compare the real ridgid to the name loaning ridgid.they make the best threading equipment in the tool world and i haven't seen any decline in quality in that line of tools and donot expect on the other hand maby josh can tell us what is the truth are these ridgid engineers or not.
    A fishing pole is the best cordless tool!