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  • Wood Stability

    I have the opportunity to buy some very old, 20 plus years, pine boards/planks. The sizes range from 2"x24"x20' and down. Is older seasoned wood more stable than newer seasoned wood? If I mill this old wood and there is some stress relief to the boards is it more or less likely to cup, warp, distort, etc as one or two year old seasoned wood? I may buy it just to have the 24" wide boards which are rare in the Northeast.


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    Wood that old would definetly be more stable. Moisture content would be almost zero. Of course you could just ship it to me and I will let you know how it does. LOL Watch out for nails when planing, could be buried deep.
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      If it was properly stacked and stickered and protected from the elements, it should be as stable as you could possibly want.
      BTW I'm just at the other end of the state so it would be a lot easier to ship it to me!
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        More Stable Wood

        Papadan and Lorax,

        Thank you for the reply. I think I will buy some of the wood. As luck would have it in The Albany Times Union, our local newspaper, today there was an advertisement listing planks, boards, posts, stone slabs and lots of other stuff. I called the guy and he has 30-50 year old ash, pine and what he thinks is hemlock in 8-10 foot lengths. He told me most were 12" wide and the majority were 4" thick. All is new wood, cut and stacked inside a barn. He has owned the property for 30 years and the wood was there when he bought the place. I have an appointment tomorrow at 10:30 AM to meet with the guy.

        Now another problem. I don't have resaw capacity for 12" wood. Do you think a lumber yard might resaw the stuff for me. Another thought is to buy one of the attachments for my chain saw that makes boards from trees. Do those things work as well as they are advertised?