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    I guess it's standard policy what with all the mergers, acquisitions, buyouts, etc. that some tools end up getting cut out of the "new, improved" catalog after a buyout, and that's a shame. So many tools lay around needing a "this" or a "that" part if not outright replacement.

    I call these my boneyard. That is my first stop while scrounging up a tool to modify for a unique purpose.

    These CEO's have no idea what a lifetime warranty is. They should be obligated to maintain some continuity in tool lines at least for replacement purposes.

    This has been discussed here before - Ridgid's soft-grip screwdrivers. They were all over the place for a while, then, slowly HD did not even have the most popular ones in stock. Good luck ever getting these replaced.

    So, how big is YOUR boneyard?
    I've even got power tools that can't get brushes, switches etc. for.
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    no boneyard

    I just keep throwing the junkers away. When I ran a lot of guys it seemed I never had a tool long enough for it to break. They just disappeared. Now, I toss and replace.

    Tossed three portable table saws before buying my Makita which is a great saw.

    Tossed a dozen or so Makita mini grinders, their switches were crap.

    Some "tools" I just give away. Bought a Makita recip saw (sawzall), that I used for one cut. It's a toy not a tool.

    Gave away 4 Bosch cordless drills when I bought the newer more powerful ones.

    My tools are professionally abused. They make a living, they don't look pretty on the shelf.
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      If any body needs help with any parts just let me know.i'll do my best to finnd them. we have a ton of parts around the shop.or i may be able to get those obsolete parts for you guys.
      A fishing pole is the best cordless tool!