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More than one UPC needed..Please read

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  • More than one UPC needed..Please read

    Ok here's my problem, I jsut bought a3 piece combo kit andthe LSW asks me to send in my warranty card and the orginal UPC from the box. HD has a mail in gift card for 35 bucks for buying it but it also asks for the orginal UPC off the box. How do I get my LSW and my gift card with only one orginal UPC.

    Oh yeah, there was a sticker on the box that states I am to recieve a free right angle impact by mail. but Where do I apply for it?

    Thanks for any and all help....

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    Make a copy of the UPC code and send that into Ridgid when you register for the LSA program. I did that and Ridgid accepted the copy.
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      Include a note telling why you sent the copy instead of original and let them fight it out. LOL
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        Another recommendation which both my department head and several manufacturers custumer service reps have told me that they will also accept a copy of the shelf price tag that is on the beam where you bought it. I've done it before to customers and they've had no problem. Just go to HD and ask one of the tool guys to go make you a cpoy of the tag and then send that in.