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OF45150 good for HVLP spraying?

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  • OF45150 good for HVLP spraying?

    I couldn't find the SCPM for 40 psi and was wondering if anyone had used the double stack with an HVLP sprayer. Requirement for gun I'm looking at is 7@40.

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    Even if the OF45150 is capable of delivering 7@40, I doubt if you'd be happy with this compressor for spraying. The 4.5 gal tank really isn't large enough and you'll be relagated to just some short bursts of spraying because the compressor would be cycling quite often. Look for a compressor in the 20 gal or larger size range.
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      You sure are right. Even using it for quick burst of just air to clean parts gets the thing cycling in a hurry. Turns out the soundproofing I was thinking of spraying would have needed an extreme sprayer with a .25 in tip. Way too
      expensive and stuff, so just brushed it on and painted over with spray can soundstuff. Would still like to get some regular paint spray stuff so I appreciate your answer. Take care.