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Thank God for HD.

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    Originally posted by michael stephen
    because shoplifting is a billion dollar industry..
    You are absolutely right. Shoplifting IS a huge problem. My complaint is that when you decide you want to buy something that is locked down no can get it for you because only one person has the key and the other 3 people working in the store have no idea where they are half the time. Or you want something and it is not on the shelf as usual but in the top racks but no one is able to pull it down or are to lazy to move. I love Ridgid products but wish they were sold elsewhere so I dont have to endure the HD experience.

    Read post from procrastinator in this section.


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      Originally posted by HVAC HAWK
      just think you may someday be able to get a cup of cappuccino
      I can't remember if it is one of the local HDs or Lowes around here that has a Dunkin Donuts in it.


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        i do have to say I love getting cheesesteaks from Dominic's in front of lowe's.


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          I like the idea of selling candy. THe only way for me to get more people on the floor is to increase sales. The new candy and snacks are completely handled by the vendor. I don't have to spend manhours ordering or stocking the product. I just reap the benifits of sales. which means more sales hours in my dept. So in the long run it helps the customers out by putting more aprons on the floor.