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upc rebate & service agreement ?

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  • upc rebate & service agreement ?

    on both ridgids gift card promo & lifetime service agreement both say they need original upc off box. as far as i can see there is only one which one does it get sent to. ridgid has these promos you would think it would say in one of the forms that it would need a copy of the upc but both say send original upc.this is really discouraging especially after the process of of getting the planer and trying to get a jointer from HD. i wanted to get both on the same receipt to get maximum gift card deal. went to HD on 4/23 they had 3 jointers no planers and said 3 planers were coming on a truck the next day. went back 4/24 they could not find planers, went back 4/25 still could not find planers. called HD CS spent 1 1/2 hrs on phone with them trying to call store and locate planers at one store phone rang for 15 min no one even picked up phone. at other store CS rep was talked to like a dog after 2 more attempts he said 4 attempts was his limit & i could try to contact them myself . i go back on a whim 4/28 and cant believe they have 2 planers on the floor & jointer on floor in box has been sold but there are 2 up on shelf. grab a cart, load planer and ask 4 guys, one on a forklift if they could get it down they say i need to get someone from tool dept to do it. well no one is working in tool dept ask someone about it &they say night stockers might be able to get it down. eventually ask to page a manager no one comes now i went in store at approx 8:00pm its now about 9:30 ask to page manager again still no one shows at 9:55 ask to page someone, anyone still no one finally fuming i buy planer an leave. rant off but not over. i guess post katrina just getting anyone to show up is more important than CS down here

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    procrastinator, sorry to hear of your experience at HD. Unfortunately all I can say is been there, done that. It blows. As far as your promo and LSA issue, I have seen other threads on here stating that they were told they could send in a copy of the reciept and UPC for the LSA and sent the original for the rebate. If I was you I would call Ridgid CS to verify that again and go with what they tell you to do.

    Good luck. I now have 2 HD in my area I refuse to shop at due to experiences like yours! Soon I may not be able to buy Ridgid again.

    Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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      Was that the gift card deal from the ultimate power deal. because if it is they were allowing customers to send in the LSA w/o the UPC bcause it was needed for the Ultimate power deal. I know for a fact because I got the information from a friend who works for TTI which takes care of Ridgid in Depot. And I absolutely agree with you about HD and their "Customer Service" get more help from a trained monkey. The only thing HD does right is carry a better selection of products tools and so forth.