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    I have some mowing equipment stored at my rural farm which is usually unoccupied and I wish to help deter theft. My plan is to thread a hardened security chain through the various tractors and mowers. How can I be assured that chain I purchase cannot be cut with usual tools? There is no electricity where the items are stored, which limits the use of power tools. Is hardened chain bolt cutter proof? The more expensive chain that I see have square links. What purpose does that serve?

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    if they want it bad enough they will get it but i have had better luck with 1 inch cable more than chain also get 1 or 2 fake camreas and put them in a location that can be seen and run a white coxial cable from them down a post (to make it look more real)in to the ground as thives don't like to be far as the square links you speak of i have never seen one like that but i would have to think it must make it harder to cut
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      square link chain is newer class / grade 120. it's a lot stronger and is a special alloy. it can carry approx. 20% more weight than class/ grade 100.

      as far as cutting goes. a grinder or torch will cut just about anything.

      i am purchasing a drum of grade 100- 5/8'' chain tomorrow. the safe working load strength of it is 22,600# it will break at approx. 4 times those numbers. i've broken it 3 times in the past.

      so anything can be broken or cut. it will only deter the small time criminal.

      if you value it, don't rely on a chain only. remove everything you don't want to disappear

      phoebe it is


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        or attach a 140 lb pit bull to the end of the chain!!
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          i say to do the fake cameras and the put up a big sine that reads

          property protected by my brothers SMITH & WESSON

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            The problem with criminals is as soon as something new comes out to thwart them they have figured out a way to defeat it. They will go after the weakest link in any system. I have seen lawn mowers that had a large cable going through the steering wheels stolen when the thieves just cut the steering wheels. (If you think about it a steering wheel is cheap) If you do get a large chain or cable run it though the frame rails of the mowers. Another idea is get some alarm co signs place them up around the property as well if your storage area looks like it is alarmed the thieves may be deterred as well. If you store them in a barn make sure it is also secured well the harder it is to get to your equipment will deter the thieves, they look for easy targets.


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              My storage managers

              I have a storage, accually, my wife has a storage locker. Anyway, the managers of the site recently caught a thief on the premises. This guy had a unit there, and had been stealing stuff, and putting it in his locker to be hauled off later. When the police arrived, I was just a few car legnths away, and got to watch the whole thing. They pulled 3 DeWalt cordless angle grinders out of his car. The cop said that this is the new thing, and sales of the thing have gone through the roof at the local HD, and Lowes.

              Good luck.


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                Originally posted by thiggy
                The more expensive chain that I see have square links. What purpose does that serve?

                Ditto what plumberRick said about the square link chain. Pewag Chain imported from Austria is a high quality chain for the toughest work such as logging or for heavy equipment tire chains. Its links are square to dig in and grip instead of slipping under load. Although tough as a boot, it can easily be cut if the theif has time. Bolt cutters will struggle, and hardened chain may ruin the teeth of the bolt cutter, but a thief will not care. I've seen people spend all kinds of money protecting valuables and still be disappointed. Also, don't forget, there are power tools that require no electricity (only the most professional of theives will have these) and things like a cordless angle grinder or an acetylene torch require no hookup. Video cameras? The enterprising thief can do some innocent recon and even though the cameras are in plain sight, return with the appropriate ski mask (or even an umbrella) to obscure themselves from view.
                Dogs? If you feed a dog, he's your friend for life (thieves know this).
                Once they've picked you and your stuff out, I think it will be darned hard for you to keep your stuff yours, that is, unless you get lucky.

                Good luck!
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                  The cordless grinders are a real problem here in Toronto, Canada. Bicycle theft is rampant here. Even the toughest hardened steel U locks are no match for grinders, especially if the thief has 1) time and, 2) balls. My wife, who cycles to work every day, recently watched the surveillance tape playback of her co-workers U lock being cut with a cordless grinder. 40 seconds and bye-bye $1500 bike. Security didn't even have time to get to the area.
                  I think the best thing to do would be to secure the building AND lock each item up using different methods. If thieves can't see what's inside, they are less likely to break in just to have a look. The type of individual who would break a door in on speculation is usually not the sharpest tool in the shed (pardon the metaphor) and probably looking for small items to pilfer. Since a pawn shops aren't really interested in landscaping equipment, this person would leave your stuff alone.


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                    try the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit or New York bicycle chain/lock. Made for NYC.

                    i wrench at a bike shop, and ppl love the lock (hate the weight ), but they work well.


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                      When i get into a house I'm going to have a "Security chain" keeping my "puppy" close to the garage and shed! They'd have to shot my dog to get out with the butt intact...

                      Another great thing if you have a problem with people fallowing you to close in your car... I have bumper sticker that reads
                      "Warning driver only carries $20 worth of ammunition" I also want the sign that says
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