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  • Sorta OT But Forum Related

    I'm curious if anyone else has this same problem. First of all, my computer is on a dial-up sytems so I know that explains most of my problem.

    Here's the deal, many sites I visit will come up fairly quickly for me and some take a little longer. However, 3 sites I visit daily, Ridgid's, BT3Central and SawmillCreek all seem to take forever to load. Even after I get into the site,moving around is also very slow. This doesn't happen all the time but it seems to happen more times then not.

    The one common denominator that I can pinpoint is that all 3 sites are vBulletin supported sites. Also, if the first site I log into is slow that day I can count on the other two to also be slow.

    Does anyone else here that is also on dial-up have this same problem?
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    Quite possibly wherever the vBulletin server is hosted, they need more bandwidth at peak times. Another funny thing about dialup is occasionally the modem bank you dial into may have a bad (read s l o w) moedm. Bad modems within a modem bank are a real pain to troubleshoot and pinpoint which modem is being the problem.
    When you dial in and it is slow, you might try to disconnect and reconnect and see if that helps.
    I think vBulletin is pretty popular as I see their bbs's about everywhere.
    Good luck - this stuff can drive you nuts sometimes.

    You are going to hate to hear this - the best fix you can get for a slow something on the net is do what ever it takes to correct the bottleneck on your end first. Alternately, try different times to login.
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      BD: I am on dial up, too. But the Ridgid site is one of the fastest that I get on. (Only wish the others were as fast) Sounds like it is something on your end. Wish I could be of more help, but I am not that computer savvy. Maybe WBrooks can help.


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        Well after that vote of confidence ...
        I have not used a modem for about 8 years but remember getting a download rate of about 1 Meg every 5 min or 200K/min (on a 56K modem)
        That said I tested this site for the last 8 posts and found that it required about 300K to view them all and post which should take you about 90 seconds. I have had problems with my DSL at times and use this site to verify my providers download speed. If this site says your providers connection is slow try disconnecting and reconnecting to hit a different modem. If you try 3 and they are all the same speed then you may want to try another ISP as the one you currently have is likely running out of trunk bandwidth.
        A 56K modem should run around 46kbps on a good day
        Here is another decent site for modem connect issues and answers