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Home depot's $2,000 gift card for product reveiws

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  • Home depot's $2,000 gift card for product reveiws

    i got an e-mail telling me that if i did a product review on home depot's website i could win a $2,000 gift card. Now if you need something to laugh at just read what some people have said about some of the cheaper power tools.

    I really like the reviews claiming that i Ryobi was the best drill they ever had even after they had a Dewalt. so you can see there is really a lot of people kissing up to get that gift card.
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    CWS, This Is Right Up Your Alley

    I'm thinking that if he wanted to, CWS could win that $2000 Gift Card without even breaking a sweat. He has a knack of putting complicated formulas and instructions into easy to understand language.
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      WOW!! What a very nice compliment. Coming from you especially, I feel particularly honored. Thanks!

      I haven't seen anything about this review/gift card thing. But, I have to be very careful about setting myself up to win anything. Up until about six years ago, I had never won anything in my life. Then I won a new Ham Radio Transciever (value about $1,500). I was overwhelmed at what great fortune I had. That was on a Saturday, the following Monday I lost my job after 27 years with the company.

      Then two years ago, I won a new HP printer (value about $150). That was a surprise delivery on Tuesday, the following Thursday, the heat exchanger on the old furnace cracked. That required a new furnace!

      So, I'm not sure if I can afford to win anything else.

      Thanks again,



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        Whoooaaaa, Neighbor...

        For $2K, I kin put any kind o' spin on anything! Might as write that check now...

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