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Dr.JR7 needs a cell mate to help occupy his time

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  • Dr.JR7 needs a cell mate to help occupy his time

    Josh, hope there is enough of a trace left to cause this juvenile some problems. Hope you have a copy of the home page as that seems to be all that has been changed

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    Cell Mate

    What can be done about this clown who hacked in? Causing all kinds of problems and frankly making me pretty angry. Hope if you find him Ridgid will prosecute!


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      Absolutely prosecute if possible. This sort of thing is not an accident or a mistake. It is a willfull act of vandalism at the very least and should be handled accordingly and without mercy. And I don't mean community service either, that's one of the biggest jokes we have going in America today.
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        josh, i hope that it's just not my view of the forum that's off. it appears that the smiles and other info is not working properly. is this affecting everyone?

        p.s. i usually don't keep the volume turned on, but for some reason last night it was turned on when the forum site opened and it scared the crap out of my wife. first it made me laugh, then it made me mad.

        please help with all these new issues.


        phoebe it is


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          Yeah, got a surprise last night when I tried to log in to the forum, but everything appears to be okay now

          Never could quite understand the mentality behind such nonsense and I'm glad things are fixed.

          Heck of a way to start you day though, wasn't it Josh?

          A very sincere THANKS to you and everyone else who might have helped out,



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            Having been "in the same shoes" as Josh for this type of headache in my profession, I am sure he is aware of some of the problems people are still experiencing. I too am having image issues and am sure everyone is. The hacker(s) probably changed some very minor items that make it difficult to find while disrupting the main forum page as well. This is typical MO for them, unfortunately. We should all be happy to have the site up at the moment, as I am sure Josh is more busy ensuring there are not hidden security breaches created or left behind by the hackers to prevent this from happening in the future after which he can fix the remaining items. I am also surprised and annoyed that the Ridgid forum was chosen for this type of attack. Hopefully we will be back to business before long and put this mess behind us.
            Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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              i to am having image problems still but i am just glad the forum is up and running so quickly. i would be lost with out it as it is part of my dayly rotine
              9/11/01, never forget.