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where did i mess up?

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  • where did i mess up?

    i bought the 5 piace cordless kit a few days ago and i went to register my kit and then i saw all the tools i have registered are not listed as a life time service argrment????? why i sent in the recite i put all the serla numbers on line and every thing just shows up as the 3 year warrinty. so i have desided not to regerster this kit until i find out what i did wrong thanks guys.
    9/11/01, never forget.

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    Time to call Ridgid Customer Service. It sounds to me like you did everything correctly. Some products like the MSUV aren't covered by the LSA though. I'm not 100% positive(covering my tracks in case I'm mistaken again ) but I don't think the shop vacuums are covered by the LSA either.
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      I just checked mine and I may be in the same boat. Is this what yours looks like? What should it say if it is covered by LSA?

      Registration Info :: RIDGID R3120
      Item R3120
      Description Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw
      Purchase Date 12/31/2003
      Warranty Period 3 Years
      Registration Date 05/13/2005
      Purchase Price 249
      Where Purchased Local Retail Store
      Serial Number AE 0335 29982
      Registered By Wayne Brooks
      Address Pontypool
      Your Notes
      Your RegId 837059


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        Wayne, I think you do have the same situation as OSC. Where it says Warranty Period, it should be followed by Limited Lifetime Service Agreement. At least thats the way it looks in my eBox.

        Did you ever receive your Lifetime Service Agreement Card with your member number? If you did, probably a call to CS would take care of straightening out your eBox.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          To confirm the answers:

          Please call customer service at 866 539-1710 to resolve your eBox issue.
          The RIDGID wet/dry vacs are not covered under the LLSA

          Thanks for your support of RIDGID!


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            You guys got me all worried. I just checked and seem to be ok and look similar to what BD said:

            Warranty Period Limited Lifetime Service Agreement
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              lsa and the ebox

              the wet dry vac's are covered under the lsa if you look at the pro pack 4.5 it shows the lsa in theupper left corner of the pic. I do have a question how do i get tools that are already covered under the lsa on to my ebox.


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                card uhhhhh no never recived a card or even a member number.oh man oh man oh man i hate to think that i have did something wrong and not all my tools are nill and void but i more then likly have i guess i will have to call cs tomarrow but i am sure it is beyond hope at this ponit but i will find out tomarrow. oh well i never said i was smart, but i can lift heavy things

                Did you ever receive your Lifetime Service Agreement Card with your member number? If you did, probably a call to CS would take care of straightening out your eBox.[/quote]
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                  I've had my card for a least a month now. But i registered my tools and sent in the UPC and receipt copy around august 26th and it took a while for the warranty to be updated.
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                    I see the same, all three items I have registered are listed as 3 years, but should all be LSAs.

                    I have never received any information in the mail as is spelled out in the LSA (viewed from the link in my eBox) which says in about 6 to 8 weeks you should receive a card with a number. Nope, never made it to my house for any of the three. There is a RegID number listed for each though.
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                      I just double checked and all my entries have been marked with the LLSA, including the gray DP1550 drill press I bought on close-out three years ago.

                      I wouldn't despair. It takes anywhere from six to eight weeks for the registration to be updated to the the LLSA. So, don't expect to happen immediately! (Although I admit, that would be nice.)

                      Regarding the little registration tag they send you, I think it was close to four or five months before I received that. As a matter of fact, I just called Customer Service yesterday to ask them if they had stopped sending the tags. I was mistaken in thinking that they sent you one for each tool, when in actuality they only send you the ID when you initially register. I guess I should have paid more attention to the card when they sent it to me.

                      In any case, you should allow a couple of months for your "E-box" registration to get updated by Customer Service. In each case, they sent me an E-mail to let me know the tool was upgraded to the LLSA.

                      So, everything is probably okay; but a call to Customer Service might be in order, to answer your concerns.

                      I hope this helps,



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                        it has been over 13 months i think i should have recevied something by now.i hate to be a pain in the rear but dang that was the whole reson i bought this new cordless set,was for the llsa if ridgid is only going to give it to a few of us i might just take it back and get something else for it. but i am sure i must have made a mistake some where, i hope
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                          Yes, I just notice the date of your original post. It appears that something went wrong for sure.

                          I'd give them a call (1-800-474-3443 ). They're pretty understanding and I'm sure you can get it all straightened out.

                          Keep us up to date on how you make out,



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                            Maybe I am missing something here,

                            I am over 3 hr to a home depot, up until last year and now only an hour to a home depot, so the only ridgid tools I own are plumbing and none of the power tools as now sold by home depot,

                            but IF ridgid is going to offer a life time service or warranty

                            why does one have to jump through all the hoops, the tool should have it by it model number or serial number, and that should be all it takes, either there going to honoring it or there not,

                            It should be that simple, not if your needing to filled out a 33 page document and they decided if you did ever thing right, and decide to send you some card,
                            tell me where that card will be in three years or a dozen,

                            the tool and the warranty or agreement should be a stand alone by the tools model or serial numbers, you should be able to take tool ZYA in to the store or repairer center and that that should be the end of it, not if you can produce all the times you used it and why and on the dates and the run time of each use,

                            IMO it should BE, either it is covered or not.

                            BLACK AND DECKER was partly killed by there "life time" warranty and them not honoring them.

                            after reading all this difficulty with them keep there word, and the problems with getting the proper paper work, it doesn't sound any thing more than a scam to get you to buy and them not having to honoring there word, because of some glitch, but then that is common in corporate America
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                              unreal and now i'm pissed

                              ok i called and after my 41 minutes ok hold i finally got to talk to a person then i was told i don't have an e-box but it was found after a few more minutes.and now i am being told that i didn't send in the recite(uhhh bull crap ) so there is nothing i can do. WELL NOW RIDGID,YOU GOT MY DAM MONEY AND I HAVE YOUR TOOLS BUT I BOUGHT AND PRAISED YOUR TOOLS FOR BOTH QUILATY AND THE SERVICE. AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO PICK AND CHOSE WHO ARE GOING TO GET THE LLSA THAT IS JUST FLAT WRONG I SENT IN THE RECITE NOW I WANT MY SERVICE AGRMENT!!! I ALSO FLAT OUT REFUSE TO SPEND ANOTHER DIME ON YOUR TOOLS TILL THIS IS MADE RIGHT!! sorry about the rant but this is just wrong!
                              9/11/01, never forget.