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    I have been doing a few local trips on my ATV and have found many trails to explore some marked, many not. Using a basic compass I can always find a way out but figured a GPS would allow me to map the trails for later use and once winter hits the landscape will look much different and will require re-learning the 'new' landmarks. I have been looking at THIS ONE.
    It looks like it will also work on the lakes and Florida trips and the price is not prohibitive, anyone use a GPS for exploring? comments and suggestions welcome

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    i have the vista c ,still need to learn how to use it. but the search team I'm with uses that type and they can down load the trail that is on the gps and over lay all the trails . it should work fine for you.

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      That one looks like a pretty good one to me, and a fairly good price.
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        I like Garmin units. I've had one since 1994. that was a Garmin GPS75 and they were expensive back then for what you got.

        I think I would go for the GPS-V, I currently use an earlier version of this model, the GPS-III. It's has been going for over 10 years now and never let me down. I think it is wortht he difference in price vice the handheld you are looking at, and there are very many options as far as antennas and mounts. There is a bicycle handlebar mount that would probably work well on your ATV.
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          I use a Garmin E-trex at work in floating car studies. I have had no problems with the unit, however I think there is a new unit out that picks up the stronger satellites so you won't lose signal in the tree canopy. Other than that the unit we have at work picks up while laying on the dash of a moving pickup. It interfaces with a laptop to plot time vs. location to evaluate traffic signal timing plans.
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            What the other guys said... eTrex Legend. In its class it's top-notch.


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              I have the Garmin eTrex Vista and love it. Works great and being as it has the bype of compass so I don't have to be in motion for it to work is important. Getting additional maps is rather spendy though....

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                Thanks for all your input. I did a bunch of research and decided not to cheap out and went with a GPSMAP 76CX. I got a great deal at GPSCENTRAL and will receive a $100 USD rebate from Garman. For about $375 CDN I have a current technology unit that has a many nice features like non proprietary mini SD memory (2G is about $100, unit came with 128 M chip lots for ontario TOPO), USB interface instead of serial (way faster), colour display that is easy to read in all light conditions, excellent user interface, adaptable for off road, marine, on road, and geocaching. I also like the fact that it runs on standard AA batteries instead if the new Lithium Ion packs so dead batteries are easily replaced.


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                  Good choice Wayne, I have been teetering back and forth between the 76Cx and the 76CSx and will probably go with the CSx for a few dollars more if I ever get the extra $$ for a toy I really don’t need, but just got to have.



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                    That looks like a really nice GPS! I've got an older Magellan Platinum that I've been thinking about replacing. We have the Garmin i5 in my wife's car, but that isn't useful for anything other than driving instructions.

                    Now, give Geocaching a try! Lots of fun for the family, and you can use your $350 GPS and the governments billion dollar satnav system to look for $.10 McDonald's toys. My kids really enjoy it.

                    (And why do I suddenly have to scroll my screen back and forth on every line to read the forum? Did it get wider? that's a PITA!)