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i will be out of here for a while

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  • i will be out of here for a while

    guys i got slamed a triffic light in my wifes car and i got slamed i have been in the hopital for the past 2 days and will be seeing many doctors next week i canot belive even with all these meds how bad i am hurting but i hope to be back as soon as i can as i am sitting here hurts like hell thanks all
    9/11/01, never forget.

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    osc sorry to hear about the bad news hope you come back soon .

    may be it will be good to stay away so you do not laugh a lot if you have a lot of pain

    get well soon

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      OSC, you and i have the same problem we should both take a month off work and do absolutely nothing. That way we can't possibly get hurt. I have faired better when i was in an accident (the other driver ran a stop sign), but i still have tendonitis in one shoulder now. But his truck only got a dent in the bumper. my wifes (then girlfriend) van was totaled!
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        Very sorry to hear of your accident and the pain that you are in. I sure hope the Doctors get their act together and are quick to relieve your pain and put you on the mend.

        We'll certainly miss you while you're gone and wish you quick and healthy recovery!

        Best wishes,



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          Get Well!!!

          Speedy recovery friend. Sorry to hear of your mishap. Take it slow for awhile, (no pun intended). It's no fun being in pain (been there, done that). Get on your docs nerves if need be to get some relief. That and rest as much as you can.
          Jim Don


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            OSC, sorry to hear about your accident. Hears hoping your recovery is swift and painless.
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              OSC, sorry to hear of your misfortune. Hope all goes well with you and yours. I seem to recall that was a new car for your wife as well. Hope the other guy was well insured to take care of everything for you!
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                thanks all this means alot. and yes it is a brand new car don't even need it's frist oil change yet 2307 miles grrrrrrrrr
                9/11/01, never forget.


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                  Hope the doctors are good and you heal fast. Just make sure you give your body a chance to fully heal before you get back in the traces! Rushing it will only make things worse, so lay back and enjoy the forum 'til you get back up to speed!!
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