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help with metal roof please.

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  • help with metal roof please.

    I have a dura-loc metal shake shingle roof system. I will tell you outright to avoid this company as they do not nor are they interested in honoring their warranty!

    I have major failures with the product..too numerous to list. the fact is for every problem I describe to dura-loc they tell me it's not their fault..In fact they claim the product failed as it was improperly stored in Texas and this is prior to me buying the product! I live in Arizona and the roofing company I used is long gone..typical of contractors out here...
    I had the local registrar of contractors out and they were unable to offer any help!

    My question:

    what type of coating can I apply to the roof shingles to make the roof waterproof again? The roof is a dark color so going with a white elastomeric type sealer is not an option. I did see a website that has a rubber type material you can spray or roll and brush on and it is black. I really would prefer a charcoal type color, but right now I'm looking for products to investigate.

    I need to keep the roof watertight, not air tight. I also need to repair many shingles as they are not secured properly.

    I am thinking about pressure washing the roof, re-securing the roof as needed, then applying the coating to return the roof to some level of curb appeal and to ensure it is water tight.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

    Cactus man aka Marty in Warm Glendale Arizona

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    i hate to tell you this but you have to tear the roof off and install a new membrain then reinstall your metal roof as the metal roof is just for show,if it is the type of roof i think it is
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      oldslow, i thought you were suppose to be on bed rest

      what are you doing working on roofs

      hope you get better soon, so you can get back into the swing of things.

      ps. how is that plumbing job coming along?


      cactusman, i'm with chevy. the real water proffing is the paper/ felt, under the tile. sure the tile installed properly will divert 99% of the water. it's the 1% that you need to address. can you spot the problems from the attic? maybe you can address these issues first and then water test the area.
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        more information about my roof

        the roof is a 3/12 or 4/12 pitch. The roof system is as follows..

        2 layers of 30lb felt, 1 layer of a [cheap] reflective material. 2X2 battens
        then the metal shingles are secured to the battens...they should overlap each other and then secured.

        Here is where the problem occurs! Again, too many details for here but just as an example... each tile should be secured with screws horizontally in 4 roof was installed using 8 penny nails! The dura-loc folks said that's ok since we don't have high winds. Well, after the first day the installer had a bunch of Mexicans on the roof hand nailing the shingles! At first he had a fellow use a nail gun.

        There are many shingles that the nails totally missed the 2X2 batten..and some were even nailed on top! which immediately destroys the water proof part of the shingle! and yes I complained!!!!!

        Now the shingles have shed ALL of their granules and I'm looking at brown undercoating, dura loc blames this on the improper storage while in a warehouse in Texas and won't replace them! however, for $5000.00 they will send me granules and a clear coat I can spray on! I don't think so.

        Dura-loc also now charges $400.00 to reinspect the roof to determine if it is a warranty issue! I sent samples and photos and the company is located in Canada. I also did the lawyer routine for 5 months and decided not to waste any more money fighting them as they indicated in direct terms they were not going to honor the warranty and fix my problems.

        The question of coating these shingles is two fold; one is to seal small holes etc. and the second is to make the roof look better cosmetically.

        I can not afford to remove this roof and replace it. So I'm looking at various roof type coatings that may work..
        So I'm asking for those with experience not opinions to share their solutions.

        thank you

        Cactus man
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          man i hate to say this even more but you NEED to contact a lawyer and make dam sure you keep each and every piece of paper and the name of every one you talk to for some reason i see this going to court and you need to be prepared for that. now it is time for me to take these meds so i can just be in a whole lot of pain instead of maissvie amounts of pain
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            Any chance you visited the website of the Metal Roofing Alliance (of which Dura-Loc is a member) and see if they could help put pressure on Dura-Loc to make good or offer some other solution to your problem?

            Did your lawyer pursue repair of your injury using the AZ Recovery Fund?

            From the AZ Registrar of Contractors website FAQ:

            What is the Recovery Fund and its purpose?
            The recovery fund is a form of financial protection provided by licensed Arizona residential contractors to residential consumers. The recovery fund is governed by statute and available only to owner / occupants of class three (3) residential property. A "person injured" as defined by statute, can recover losses incurred due to poor workmanship or non-performance by a licensed residential contractor.

            Oh wait, you only want replies from people that have experience, not opinions or other possible solutions, so forget I said anything. Your "experience" has served you so well (you picked the perfect contractor after all right?) that you can ignore the opinions and suggestions of others. If you were open to suggestions, I would say go after whoever stored the material improperly as the manufacturer claims, but this sounds like they are trying to lay blame elsewhere. Of course, that too is an opinion so you should ignore it. If they were an upstanding company, one would think they would want to know who is damaging their industry reputation in this manner.
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              thanks Bob

              Thanks for the information bob, but not to be trite "been there, done that!"

              I have tired all reasonable avenues to get dura-loc to honor the warranty. The registrar of contractors has a 3 year window and of course the roof held up the first 3 1/2 years..keep in mind we don't get a lot of rain here in Arizona, but when it does rain it can be brutal.

              Oh, the roofer and product was recommended by a reputable architect and that is why I went with the project...I did research it before starting the project. Thus I am frustrated as no one is taking any responsibility..When the registrar of contractors did inspect the roof he just shrugged and was not very impressed! enough said.

              So..back to my original question....does anyone have any experience applying a roofing type coating on a metal roof system? What is the product used?

              Cactus man


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                Dura-Loc granule failure

                I am having problems with my Dura-Loc roof also. It doesn't leak, but there are several areas where a lot of granules have come off and left big orange areas.

                Dura-Loc says my warranty was never regestered.

                Has anyone else had this problem?


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                  Re: help with metal roof please.

                  Hello ,I have seen memo sent to Dura-Loc roofing from 3m ,they are the folks that Dura-Loc bought the stone from that covers the Metal Panels,in the memo they told Dura-Loc that this type of stone was not approved for Metal Roofing and was only approved for covering Composition Roofing and Swimming Pools.The stone used is what they call TRANSLUCITE and lets the sun come through the stone and bakes it right off the METAL PANELS because it seperates it from the epoxy on the panels and then you are left with a brown or black paint or primer showing.I would try to contact 3m and see if you can get a copy of this memo.The product is only as good as it's warranty and beleive me the other products that are stone coated stand behind thier warranties,as far as you tearing off your roof it is not needed you can pressure wash it and use a good elasticmaric paint and give it what ever color you want.Good Luck


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                    Re: help with metal roof please.

                    I think you need to do the Lawyer thing still but you need to go after the roofer. The fact that the roofer is long gone does not necessarily mean his insurance company is long gone. A good Lawyer should be able to find all of that stuff.

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                      Re: help with metal roof please.

                      Cactusman: Conklin makes a product called Rapid Roof that could solve your problem. It only comes in white, but it is a "rubber type" product that can be painted with a latex paint. If painted right after it sets up, the two really bond together. It has been awhile since I have used it, so they might have colors now.