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    We have just taken over a woodworking business making rustic bar stools out of 2x4's. Does anyone know of a fast way to apply the finish (which will be a colored stain) other than using a spray gun or painting by hand. Has anyone tried a dunk method where the stool could be dipped into a vat of finish and hung to dry. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone know how to cut a true octagon. No matter how we measure, the cuts will not come out the same. Dan
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    Before you guys loose your shirts you may want to hire someone with a bit of woodworking knowledge and skill.
    A "finish" does not consist of stain only you need to seal that with any number of top coats. You may get away with a tung oil but you still can not dip tank it. For a production shop the fastest finish will be a spray finish. The amount of waste in the 'dip tank' method would be nuts. You would end up contaminating the stain, you would require a large amount of stain to fill the tank, and you need to wipe off any access, to stain a project just soak a lint free cloth in stain wipe it on then use a dry cloth to wipe off the access.
    An octagon has 8 sides or 8 corners to cut hence 16 cuts. 360° (circle) divided by 16 = 22.5° each cut, all sides must be the same length. Meet those two criteria and you have a perfect octagon