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  • Job Max Tool Bag

    I am a Manager for Verizon Telephone Company and have found that the Job Max tool bag is a superior bag for my technicians. My counterparts and I have bought approx. 85 tool bags from the Home Depots here in Maryland.

    I currently have 17 technicians that have been using the tool bag for about 4 months now. Three of the bags have broken in the same place. There is a weak spot that is directly above where the metal handle attaches to the bag. The metal portion is breaking at the bend.

    I am wondering if this is a known issue, and if it is being remedied?

    Once again these are great tool bags and I would love to keep using them but I also don't want to have to exchange them every 3-4 months.


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    We had two of these bags, they also broke just about the same place. I just thought that it was the guys being in a hurry and throwing stuff around, but now that you've brought this up it might be something to look into.