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Hot housing on WD12450 Wet/Dry

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  • Hot housing on WD12450 Wet/Dry

    I bought a WD12450 12 gallon vac. It sucks. Really great that is. I notice the housing gets pretty hot and the exhaust air is quite warm. Should I consider this normal or keep an eye on it?

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    I have two of these models and they both get very hot. While this appears to be "normal" from my experience, I do have to admit that it concerns me a bit. I often shut it down to let it cool, which is a bit of a nuisance, IMO.

    I think that I take unusually good care to clean the filter and empty the tank after each use and also during a task, just because I don't think a vac should get this hot. I'm always concerned that I'm going to burn out the motor or something. Problem of course is that I have yet to take the time to call Ridgid Customer Service to find out if this is normal for this unit. (Obviously, when I'm not using the tool, it's not on my mind.)

    In any case, I'll make a note to call about it and post whatever I find out. Most likely won't be until Tuesday as I'm out of town for the next couple of days.