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  • New house construction and cabinets

    Ok. So after living in a 27 foot RV trailer for the past 7 weeks with a pregnant wife, a 2-year old and 2 high strung beagles our new home construction is nearly completed. We are buying the house while it is currently under construction from the builder. He has been great in making any changes we requested and working around our wants/desires as he could considering the stage of construction he was in when we went under contract.

    Now I have a question about something he told my wife the other day that surprised us. He said that it would up to us to buy the handles and pulls for the kitchen cabinets and drawers. If we bought them before he was done he would install them though. I was a bit surprised by this and the thought never even occurred to me?!? Just curious if anyone else out there had a similar experience or anyone knew if this was standard practice?

    Considering he is only 10 days past his original completion date and I won over changing from blacktop to concrete for the driveway I haven't much else to complain about. The builder's wife even took my wife out to pick out appliances, paint, fixtures, carpet, tile and wood flooring.

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    WWS, depending on the number of cabinets and your personal preferences in quality, this could be anywhere from a little to alot of money. Bottom line though is at some point you were going to have to pay for them anyway. I would definately pick out some hardware now and take him up on the offer to install them. You'll have enough on your plate in the coming weeks with moving in and settin up your house to have to worry about getting some knobs installed

    BTW, congrats on the new house.
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      While I can't speak for what building contractors may or may not do as standard practice, I do know that when you purchase cabinets, the only hardware you get is the hinges. It is up to the buyer to select the style and make the purchase separately.

      Some retailers provide a limited choice of hardware that the the cabinet mfg carries and in such cases, I'm not sure if it is factory installed or not. Either way, I think the "norm" is that the hardware is an optional expense which the buyer may either add at the time of purchase or may purchase after the fact from a third party supplier like Lee-Valley, which has a much broader selection.

      If your contractor has offered to do the installation, terrific.



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        Thanks for the opinions guys. I have never bought a brand new home before, but I guess I had never thought that if one did they would walk into a kitchen without any handles and pulls! I knew they didn't come with the cabinets/drawers, but had assumed (incorrectly it seems?) that the builder would put some on. Kind of seems like moving in and not having any doorknobs (which he let us choose, so I know those should be there)!?!

        CWS, when I remodeled the kitchen in our last house we bought some fairly decent handles directly from the manufacturer at a lower cost than from the store and worked out well. I don't think this kitchen will have as many and therefore may not be enough to fullfill their minimum order requirement. BD is probably right in that I will be busy moving into the new home, although I haven't much of an issue doing them myself. If the builder does them than better for me to have more time to get the shop set back up!
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          WWS: If I understood your post correctly, The house was under construction when you purchased it. If so, had you not bought it, the builder would have had to complete it (including kitchen knobs and pulls) in order for it to be put on the market. No lending agency would give out a loan without total completion. Now, the knobs etc. that he would have put on may not be to your liking or the highest priced, but there should be some allowance for them in your purchase. He would also have had to install them. IMHO, you should get an allowance. If your choice exceeds that, the difference is up to you.


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            Jim, we just moved in to our new house and thats exactly how it worked for everything. We got the base price for the house and if we wanted to change anything we were told how much extra it would be. We like the handles that came standard with the cupboard so we didn't change them