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Vinyle Tile Installation troubles

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  • Vinyle Tile Installation troubles

    I am installating vinyle tiles in my kitchen. I had vinyle tiles down before (probably 20+ years old) I am peeling up the old tiles and laying down the new ones. I am not using any adhesives other than the peel and stick. Most of the tiles stick down fine but some of the edges gap up a little untill I step on them then they are fine till the next day. Any recomendations on how to keep these down better. The surface I sticking them on was the old paper that was under the old tiles. It seems fine and consistent but the dern things want to let go in parts. I tried peeling one up to see how hard it was and the new tiles are really stuck on. Its just the edges that give me trouble sometimes.

    Any words of wisdom or tricks? I am scrambling to get this done before the twins get here.



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    I haven't done this kind of project in years, but I do recall using a hair dryer and small burnishing roller to flatten down the tile edges as you describe. But before I attempted to do this, I'd double-check with the store to ensure that the heat isn't going to ruin today's tile material.

    Hopefully, you'll get an opinion of someone with more current tile experience.



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      I just finished installing the very same thing in one of my houses and I had some similar results. However, as primitive as it may sound take a piece of mdf or plywood and lay that down on top of it with a concrete block applying some consistent pressure. This fixed my problem and I sold the house the next day. There may be some extra adhesives to put down under this as well but, as sticky as that stuff is, I would think this will suffice.



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        I've been through this for 30 years.

        No Self.Sticking adhesive tile is 100% perfect. I won't use them. If used, apply a thin coat of normal tile adhesive to the floor before putting the vinyl tile down. The adesive must dry to a tacky condition first.

        Repair:In your case, simply apply the same normal tile ahesive as used with Armstrong Commercial Vinyl Flooring (which contains No adhesive).

        To make the job easier use a plumbing torch to warm-up the vinyl, to be plyable, or it may crack. And lift with a spackle knife. After replacing use a roller to sqeeze out any extra. Clean-up with "Lighter Fluid" which will leave no film.

        In summary:
        If the adhesive is allowed to dry to a sticky touch, before laying a floor, or repair tile, then nothing can move it. No need to burden it with a heavy object. Drying time will vary with temparature and venting condition. A fan will quicken the job. Approx 20 minutes is ample for normal conditions.

        (need new glasses ..darn spelling typos..excuse)
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          Thanks all for your responses. Using adhesive along with the self adhesive works great. Just makes the job a lot slower and messier.

          Self stick tiles are sorta bogus unnless you ar sticking them to a surface smooth as glass and perfectly clean.

          Oh well. No big deal just another project dragging out a little longer.

          Thanks a lot fellas,



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            Josh, sounds like you've already got things under control, but just an FYI.
            Use a latex floor primer and the good Armstrong tiles and they'll stick well. You're right about the need for a good smooth surface. Use a latex or vinyl based floor leveler where needed before priming, 'cause they will telegraph any defects eventually. My biggest issue with these is that to do a really good job costs almost as much in time and money as laying ceramic tile and won't last nearly as long. Good luck!



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              Well I finally finished up the project. Thanks for the guidance everyone. I ended up using the self adhering tiles along with putting down a very thing layer of vinyle tile adhesive before sticking them down. Works great and cant budge any part of the tile after it is stuck down. No more gaps. Now I just need to get some of the adhesive remover for the parts where I sticky spots on top of the tiles. Overall job went very well.

              Thanks again,